Brandywine’s Best 4-H Club conducts meeting


HANCOCK COUNTY — The recent meeting of Brandywine’s Best 4-H Club was called to order by Vice President Addison Hill.

The American pledge was led by Kaya Billman and the 4-H pledge by Reece Hill. Roll call was taken by Lauren Henry on a response of “What did you do over spring break?”

The health and safety report was given by Sam Livingston on when to wear sunscreen.

New and old business was discussed by Heather Hill over new changes in the handbook and upcoming workshops. Demonstrations were given by Elizabeth Dodd and Kaya Billman. Dodd demonstrated how to fancy up a trash can, and Billman demonstrated how to do different types of origami.

Recreation of charades and freeze tag was organized by Heather Schafer.

This meeting was adjourned by 4-H leader Heather Hill.