Former school’s history lives on


HANCOCK COUNTY — A reader tells that James Wheeler is the oldest former Daily Reporter delivery boy, not Niles White as claimed. Mr. Wheeler is 90 years young. Does anyone else want to claim the title?

Lucas Knotts wants to know if anyone is related to the Bannon family, which might have lived in the Vernon Township area. The date is circa 1850. He is researching his family history.

Do you remember Roy Rogers? Boy, I sure do. I remember watching the episodes on Saturday morning. Jane Waveland tells that his museum in Branson, Missouri, has been closed and all the artifacts have been sold. Those younger than 50 years old wouldn’t have any recollection.

Terence Hanley from Athens, Ohio, writes, “My dad lives in Fountaintown, and when I’m home visiting with him, I sometimes read and always enjoy your local history column in the Daily Reporter. I’m sending a picture about the Moral High School class of 1931-1932. I hope the original class picture is still in existence.” Yes, it is.

Doris Mohr Kaster wrote some years ago “Moral Township School Memories, Shelby County 1923-1958,” and she tells about the photos in this book. The pictures, which hung in the hallways of old Moral, were retrieved from a closet at the Triton High School (later Triton Central), where they had been stored.

The photos were presented to the Shelbyville library and should be in the history room. Also, an album of these pictures was made and kept in the school library as well as an album for the Boggstown and Fairland schools.

The Moral school is gone, but Doris and others have kept the memory alive. The building was erected in 1923, and the property was sold in 1985 by Northwestern Consolidated School District. It was the first high school in Moral Township, and before it was closed it served as Triton North Elementary.

In addition, Doris has passed away. It was my pleasure to know her through her many volunteer activities. She was a great person.

Enough. I have told you everything that I know and some things I don’t. Talk to me.