New 463 area code announced


GREENFIELD — Get ready to start dialing 10 digits every time you pick up the phone.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission announced Wednesday a new 463 area code to become effective for this area by late spring 2016. The new number, which spells “IND,” will be on top of the current 317 area code. Here’s a look at the change:


Will the new area code affect my number?

No. If you currently have a 317 phone number, your number will not change. The new area code is only for new phone numbers, landline or cellphone.


Why the change?

The change, called “area code relief,” is needed because the 317 area code would run out of numbers by the second quarter of 2017, according to the commission. While an alternative would have been to assign a new area code to numbers only in Marion County or a few select communities, most people agreed that would only prolong the inevitable, and eventually the new area code would be needed for the entire central Indiana area.


How is dialing affected?

The biggest change for local residents will be mandatory 10-digit dialing for everyone. According to the commission, once the area code overlay is effective next year, 10-digit dialing will be required for all local calls (three-digit area code plus seven-digit phone number). Customers will continue to dial a “1” plus the 10-digit number for long-distance calls.

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