Greenfield-Central’s Madelyn Lisk


Madelyn Lisk

School: Greenfield-Central

Grade: 11th

Position: Base

Favorite stunt: A switch lib to a heel stretch, because as a base I can feel exactly what I need to do to fix our stunt.

Favorite cheerleading competition, so far: Our camp competition, because there wasn’t the stress of winning. It was really just to get a feel for the mats. Plus, every team cheered for each other, which was very fun.

Individual cheer goals: I would really like to work on consistency of tumbling.

Favorite aspect of cheerleading: I love my team and the fun times we have together almost as much as competing and cheering at games.

Team cheer goals: I really want to place well at state.

Other extracurricular activities: I love swimming, but I am not yet a part of our school’s swim team because I enjoy spending my time at cheerleading.

Most challenging aspect of cheerleading: For me, the most challenging part of cheerleading is having the confidence to tumble.

Most painful cheer injury: I have constant shin splints that kill me.