Greenfield junior high band students compete at ISSMA


Staff Writer

GREENFIELD — Greenfield Central Junior High School Band students recently participated in the annual Indiana State School Music Association’s Solo and Ensemble Contest at Doe Creek Middle School. GCJHS students performed in 67 events, earning 55 Gold Ratings and 11 Silver ratings.

Gold medals for woodwind solos were received by the following students: Christian Bell; Emma Baker; Hailey Dodds; Kyla Marks; Samantha Shepherd; Lillian Thurber; Adrian Keith; EmmaLee Stevens; Esther Michael; Ethan Elsbury; Lily Lauer; Zita Richards; Carmen Chavezm; Cameron Bandy; Christian Varela; Harley Hatcher; Rebecca Barker; Zach Graber; Logan Uitermarkt and Wyatt Donofrio

Gold medals for brass solos were received by the following students: Rose Gerard; Anna Scott; Jack Keller; Joe Smith; Mackenzie Hatcher; Rachel Dirck; Alexis Wheatley; Hunter Lewis and Cameron Hale.

Gold medals for percussion solos were received by the following students: Delonie Blake; Hannah Moore; Philip McDonald; Connor Barkes; Luke Scroggins; Rowan Stewart and Sam Paul.

Eli Neely, Morgan Aguilar and Sam Galyean each received two gold medals for percussion solos.

Gold medals for woodwind ensembles were received by Willow Hatcher; Esther Michael; EmmaLee Stevens; Jackson Armes; Brysen Belcher; Zach Graber; Rebecca Barker; Harley Hatcher; Matt Kottlowski; Danielle Zell; Samantha Shepherd; Emma Baker; Kayla Byers; Emma Sherman; Cassie Epperson; Samantha Williams; Lily Lauer; Taylor Griffin; Cameron Bandy; Teagan Gwaltney; Christian Varela; David Montgomery; Wyatt Donofrio; Logan Uitermarkt and Adrian Keith.

Gold medals for brass ensembles were received by the following students: Lillian Sutton; Melissa Stephens; Izzy Valenzuela; Abi Cross; Zoe Kessler; Anna Scott; Madi Gary; Brianna Mathis; Cameron Hale; Mason Holland; Ethan Striggs; Kyle Arrowood; Daniel Swartz; Evan Allender; Rose Gerard; Alex Heck; Jackson Smith; Rachel Dirck; Hunter Lewis and Alexis Wheatley.

Schools may submit their ISSMA results (gold medal only) to [email protected].