Cheer Spotlight: Logan Gruell


Logan Gruell

School: Greenfield-Central

Grade: 11th

Position: Backspot

Favorite stunt: A lib, because you have the top girl who can pull different body positions.

Favorite cheerleading competition, so far: State. We went for my first time in 2013, and I really want to go back again this year.

Individual cheer goals: I would like to be a stronger tumbler and backspot.

Favorite aspect of cheerleading: The fun we have while cheering at games. And, competition, the time right after when we are glad it’s over.

Team cheer goals: I would like us to get along all year and work together.

Most challenging aspect of cheerleading: The difficulty of stunts. And, when you get hit in the face while stunting you have to get back up and walk it off.

Most painful cheer injury: I have been stunting and my flyer was falling and she landed on my face.