Judge dismisses another marijuana case


Local brief

Another drug trafficking case dismissed by judge

GREENFIELD — Another case in the 2013 Smokin’ Hog marijuana-trafficking investigation has been tossed out of court, bringing the total of dismissed cases to eight.

Rhea Griffith, 56, of California, had faced three drug-related felonies, including two counts of dealing marijuana and one count of corrupt business influence.

Griffith was among those accused of shipping packages of marijuana from California to the former Smokin’ Hog BBQ restaurant in Greenfield, which has since gone out of business.

On Monday, six defendants asked the court to drop their cases, arguing prosecutors had mishandled everything from what charges were filed against them to how quickly their cases made their way through the court system.

In most of the cases, defense attorneys argued that the trial clock had run out because prosecutors didn’t bring the cases to trial within one year and that the cases should be dismissed.

A judge dismissed four cases on the spot. The remaining two he took under consideration now also have been dismissed.

Two other cases connected to the investigation were dropped in previous weeks.

Three cases are still pending.