Off the Shelves – March 1

The following items are available at the Hancock County Public Library, 900 W. McKenzie Road. For more information on the library’s collection or to reserve a title, visit

Adult Fiction

“The Complete Stories of Kurt Vonnegut” by Kurt Vonnegut

Here for the first time are the complete short stories of Hoosier author Kurt Vonnegut. Organized thematically: “War,” “Women,” “Science,” “Romance,” “Work Ethic versus Fame and Fortune,” “Behavior,” “The Band Director” (those stories featuring Lincoln High’s band director and nice guy George Hemholtz), and “Futuristic,” these 98 stories were written from 1941 to 2007. Included in the collection are the stories from “Welcome to the Monkey House” and “Bagombo Snuff Box.” The anthology also features five never-before-published stories as well as a handful of others that were only published online. During his lifetime, Vonnegut published fewer than half of the stories he wrote. His agent told him in 1958 — upon the rejection of a particularly strong story: “Save it for the collection of your works which will be published someday when you become famous. Which may take a little time.”

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Adult Nonfiction

“Brave” by Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan came of age in Hollywood, a strange world where she was continually on display, and stardom soon became a personal nightmare of constant exposure. Every detail of her personal life became public, and the realities of an inherently sexist industry emerged with every script, role, public appearance and magazine cover. The Hollywood machine packaged her as a sexualized bombshell, hijacking her image and identity, marketing them for profit. Hollywood expected Rose to be silent, cooperative and to stay the path. Instead, she rebelled and asserted her true identity and voice. She reemerged unscripted, courageous, victorious, angry, smart, fierce, unapologetic, controversial, and real. “Brave” is her memoir — an account of the rise of a millennial icon, fearless activist and a force for change determined to expose the truth about the entertainment industry.