Back when: Jan. 30-Feb. 5

Jan. 30

In 1947, school was canceled in Mt. Comfort after the basement of the building was flooded by a storm of near-tornado proportions, uprooting trees in the Mohawk area and littering the road between Mohawk and Mt. Comfort with telephone poles.

In 1967, a construction worker preparing to pump concrete into forms for vault at the new Hancock County Bank at State and Main streets fell about 12 feet from the top of the vault and suffered back injuries. Jack Gillock, 41, was listed in dismissals from Hancock County Memorial Hospital in the Feb. 18 edition.

Jan. 31

In 1965, Bishop Kenneth E. Brown launched Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Greenfield with his family and eight other people.

In 1979, students and staff of Charlottesville Elementary and Wilkinson Elementary moved into the new Eastern Hancock Elementary.

Feb. 1

In 1988, portions of downtown Fortville remained blocked off after the second-story 5a6bd46d9f888.hiresceiling at 225 S. Main St. collapsed the night before, sending debris onto cars parked nearby.

Feb. 2

In 1958, a 22-year-old Greenfield woman was dragged from a car stopped at the northeast corner of State and Main streets and stabbed. Her 32-year-old estranged husband was charged with assault and battery with intent to kill.

Feb. 3

In 1936, Hancock County Commissioners awarded a contract to Conklin Lumber Co. to adapt the third floor of the courthouse to accommodate women jurors. Lack of quarters for female jurors was cited as the reason none had been called to serve on a grand or petit jury in the county; making the arrangements picked up speed after the Indiana Supreme Court reversed a ruling in a criminal case because no women were part of the jury.

Feb. 4

In 1988, more than 80 Mt. Comfort Elementary School fifth-graders, members of the school’s Just Say No Club, attended an Indiana Pacers game attended by First Lady Nancy Reagan.

Feb. 5

In 1866, the Walpole Post Office’s name was changed to Fortville Post Office.