Real Estate – January 24

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Dec. 27

Tammy J. Maynard to Ciara J. and Jeremy R. Komlanc, 3765 E. County Road 600N, Center Township, $118,000.

Charles R. Wallace to Robert C. and Jane A. Vowell, 1604 N. County Road 525W, Buck Creek Township, $510,000.

Orville Spivey to Larry R. Jr. and Margaret J. Smith, 11627 E. County Road 650N, Brown Township, $92,000.

Stephen L. and Robin M. Beaty to Drew and Sara Smith, 9158 N. County Road 400E, Green Township, $200,000.

Jerry V. Lay to Joseph A. and Heather L. Haney, 6880 N. County Road 1125E, Brown Township, $200,000.

Registered Holders of CSMC Asset to Premier Home Services LLC, 12 Fountain Lake Drive, Center Township, $22,000.

Michael A. and Leslie K. Miller to Joseph E. and Patricia Gillen, 5630 N. Sugar Hills Drive, Center Township, $430,000.

Dec. 28

James A. Watt to Michael J. and Clara A. Podgorski, 6340 W. Highland Lane, McCordsville, $362,000.

James M. and Audrey D. Wolf to Robin and Cheryl Whitaker, 714 Franklin Court, Greenfield, $123,000.

Robert E. Weaver to Kenneth W. and Vicki A. Lawson, 1509 Bowman Drive, Greenfield, $134,000.

Justus Homes Inc. to JH Summerset LLC, 954 Shady Drive, Greenfield, $254,945.

Kevin J. Wagner and Donald J. Wagner to Kevin J. Wagner and Donald J. Wagner, 968 S. County Road 600W, Sugar Creek Township, $150,000.

Paul D. and Carolyn M. Starks to Aaron M. and Meghan A. Britt, 9493 N. County Road 300W, Vernon Township, $230,000.

Bradley N. and Lisa J. Duffy to Angela Moore, 5643 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $221,900.

Catherine A. Woodward to Robert P. and Barbara J. Copple, 2214 E. Brandywine Lane, Brandywine Township, $130,000.

Nancy K. Gartrell Revocable Trust to Jeremy G. and Mary Spencer, 841 N. County Road 300W, Buck Creek Township, $258,000.

Kendall T. Wildman to David J. and Rebecca M. Garvey, 520 Grove St. Greenfield, $84,900.

Terinna M. Cox to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 5707 W. Port Drive, McCordsville, $260,000.

Nicolas Holley to Christopher Michael Lecureaux, 5732 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $179,900.

Robert W. Jr. and Dona R. Sapp, to Stefan J. and Katherine E. Husted, 12143 Valley Brook Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $191,500.

M/I Homes of Indiana LP to Jeffrey D. and Kelly C. Dockins, 758 N. Johnson Branch Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $202,929.

Jim B. Hoffman to Jim B. Hoffman, 1119 W. Sixth St., Greenfield, $113,000.

York D. Begeman to Matthew S. Andis, 1134 S. Heron Court, Sugar Creek Township, $196,000.

Dec. 29

Thomas and Betty Dick to Betty J. Dick, N. County Road 1050E, Jackson Township, $15,000.

Betty J. Dick to Cooks Restoration LLC, E. U.S. Highway 40, Jackson Township, $15,000.

Betty J. Dick to Cooks Restoration LLC, N. Lincoln St., Jackson Township, $15,000.

Betty J. Dick to Cooks Restoration LLC, E. North St., Jackson Township, $15,000.