Real Estate – December 29

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Nov. 3

Mikala R. Chesher to Firebird SFE I LLC, 2343 Collins Way, Greenfield, $98,000.

Progress Residential 2015-3 Borrower LLC to Robert W. and Jada N. Ford, 1530 Evergreen Drive, Greenfield, $147,500.

Brianna N. Wood to Vicky J. Dorris, 1454 Evergreen Drive, Greenfield, $125,000.

Miriah N. Scruggs and Joshua L. Hull to James A. Schuck, 321 Illinois St., Fortville, $129,900.

Diana L. Mumaw and James C. Mumaw to Diana L. Mumaw and James C. Mumaw and Christen L. Mumaw, 3892 S. County Road 100E, Brandywine Township, $229,900.

Derek Best to Brianna N. and Joseph M. LaFave, 205 Creekwood Drive, Greenfield, $224,900.

Nov. 6

Tina D. Honaker to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 515 Runnymede Court, Greenfield, $145,000.

Derek S. and Jordan N. Cullison to James D. Myers, N. County Road 400E, Green Township, $57,500.

Audrey L. Sleeth LF EST Clodie Sleeth to Brady and Jody Yoder, 20 W. Mill St., New Palestine, $54,000.

Kimberly L. Sutton to Douglas J. and Rena Swails, 3581 S. Fallow Trail, Sugar Creek Township, $260,000.

Courtney A. Wirtz to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 737 Fern St., Greenfield, $108,500.

Justin W. and Miki C. Cole to Robert W. Hogan, 1020 E. Sixth St., Greenfield, $70,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Company to Geoffrey G. Wood, 14 W. Pierson St., Greenfield, $57,000.

James A. and Kelly K. Schuck to Cerberus SFR Holdings LP, 5611 W. Woodview Trail, McCordsville, 185,000.

Jonathan and Shannon Kamp to Michael Newkirk, 6936 W. Logan Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $209,000.

Ryan Robertson to Carl J. and Hannah E. Anderson, 1744 Sweetwater Lane, Greenfield, $127,000.

Bruce D. and Danabeth Fleming Revocable Living Trust, R4782 Catalina Drive S., Sugar Creek Township, $167,900.

Robert E. and Shelley J. Hittle to Guadalupe Alvarado-Velez, 1121 Bumblebee Way, Greenfield, $134,000.

Robin J. and Cheryl L. Whitaker to Ryan W. and Cheryl E. Robertson, 5465 N. Acorn St., Center Township, $289,900.

Stephen P. and Janet L. Maxwell to Michael T II and Kendra J. Gaines, 893 W. Michaels Court, Brandywine Township, $210,000.

Nov. 7

Wilbur L. Cash to C.U.B. LLC, 1947 Copeland Farms Drive, Greenfield, $115,000.

Deborah M. Abbett to Jennifer Bannon, 4108 N. County Road 200W, Buck Creek Township, $75,000.

Rex Residential Property Owner LLC to Conrex Residential Property Group, 657 Fern St., Greenfield, $108,000.

Nov. 8

Jacquelyn C. and Garland R. Loper to Jacquelyn C. Loper, 4742 W. Stonehaven Lane, New Palestine, $260,000.

Nov. 9

Fred Horsley to Jeffrey M. Jones, Jennifer Drive, Buck Creek Township, $25,000.

Kelly E. Fields to Renovations by Russell LLC, 1004 Oak Blvd., Greenfield, $78,100.

Jeffrey R. and Anna R. Reilly to Shawn and Jennifer Rudolph, 1641 S. County Road 600W, Sugar Creek Township, $165,000.

Joshua A. Martin to Clinton G. Westcott, 6461 N. County Road 600E, Brown Township, $130,000.

Louis D. and Catherine Leisure to Ellis P. and Kathy A. Sorrell, 4839 W. Quail Run Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $125,000.

Kevin Hutchinson to Apter Properties LLC & Mid-America, 6913 W. Briar Park View, Sugar Creek Township, $135,500.

Nov. 10

Jeffrey A. and Amy Cherry to Jeffrey A. and Amy Cherry, S. County Road 600E, Blue River Township, $51,805.