Real Estate – December 6

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Sept. 21

Karen L. Kennedy to David A. Sechler, 3615 S. Southway Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $193,000.

Craig A. and Kristina L. Petty to Cody Wilburn, 205 Jefferson Blvd., Greenfield, $92,000.

Brent A. and Amy J. Robertson to Justin M. and Briana Smith, 1255 Chapman Drive, Greenfield, $233,000.

Kenneth R. and Jean A. Dunn to Daniel V. and Shauna R. McClure, 229 Hidden Glen Drive, Greenfield, $355,000.

Litten Fuller Jr. to Shallis Partnership, 321 N. State St., Greenfield, $92,000.

Joe O. and Mary E. Eads to Delores Loman and Penny S. Loman, 111 Punkin Court, Greenfield, $150,000.

Mae View LLC to Enid T. McKinley, 2920 N. Buck Creek Road, Buck Creek Township, $156,900.

Mike Schulte and Dennis Youngs to Luke T. and Barbara S. Thompson, 1526 Apple St., Greenfield, $190,000.

James L. Jr. and Nevenka D. Baughman to Nolan Hill, 10485 E. U. S. Highway 40, Jackson Township, $116,000.

Todd A. Perry to James N. Burris and Miki A. Burris, Riley Ave., Greenfield, $25,000.

Kenneth L. and Sharon K. Smith to Patrick and Cheryl Rose, 2813 S. Meridian Road, Brandywine Township, $214,900.

Andree Perdue to Jason T. Shackelford, 82 Fountain Lake Drive, Center Township, $55,000.

Brian K. Mershon to City of Greenfield, 1002 W. Main St., Greenfield, $140,913.

Edwin C. and Pamela J. Scahill to Myron L. and Terri A. Shouse, 3897 W. Woodfield Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $347,500.

Bruce B. Chambers to Donna Martin, 4262 W Summerhaven Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $164,000.

Girtrue Brawner Living Trust to David E. and Diana L. Peine, 8632 N. Ricks Drive East, Vernon Township, $119,000.