Final girls soccer statistics – November 18

Final 2017 season statistical leaders for Hancock County girls soccer including New Palestine, Greenfield-Central and Mt. Vernon High Schools.


Name, School;Games;Goals

Morgan Scruggs, MV;19;27

Nicole Ratts, MV;17;18

Jaeden Ailes, GC;15;16

Emma Langdon, MV;16;16

Anne Marie DeKeyser, GC;16;16

Olivia McKilligin, NP;17;11

Riley Hurst, MV;19;11

Trystan Ailes, GC;15;11

Lucy Brand, GC;16;9

Madalynn Miller, NP;17;9

Alexi Hardie, MV;19;9

Victoria Crowder, NP;7;9

Megan Jolly, NP;17;7

Olivia Lambdin, NP;16;6

Schyler Slunaker, GC;17;6

Alaina Nelson, MV;14;5

Hannah Taggart, NP;17;4

Maddie Trapp, GC;17;4

Emmy Giddens, NP;10;4

Haley Harrison, NP;17;3

Maya Stirm, NP;16;3

Grace Voelz, NP;15;3

Lucy Miller, NP;10;3


Name, School;Games;Assists

Alexi Hardie, MV;19;27

Lucy Brand, GC;16;11

Emma Langdon, MV;16;9

Trystan Ailes, GC;15;9

Morgan Scruggs, MV;19;9

Maddie Trapp, GC;17;9

Shay Stindle, MV;15;8

Anne Marie DeKeyser, GC;16;8

Jordan Reid, NP;9;6

Nicole Ratts, MV;17;6

Jaeden Ailes, GC;15;6

Victoria Crowder, NP;7;5

Madalynn Miller, NP;17;5

Kennedy Trapp, GC;17;5

Olivia Lambdin, NP;16;5

Riley Sexton, GC;17;5

Grace Voelz, NP;15;5

Kassidy Hammans, MV;19;4

Megan Jolly, NP;17;4

Riley Hurst, MV;19;4

Maya Stirm, NP;16;4

Emily Keeler, MV;19;4

Olivia McKilligin, NP;17;4

Lucy Miller, NP;10;3

Alex Rupley, GC;17;3

Alaina Nelson, MV;14;3

Emma Sherman, GC;13;3


Name, School;Games;Saves;Goals Allowed;Shutouts

Kayla Enochs, GC;17;151;9;9

Jaici Wright, MV;19;85;23;7

Riley Moss, NP;17;71;12;7

Haley Weinrich, NP;15;48;12;5

Angelina Metcalf, MV;11;14;3;6

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Rich Torres is sports editor at the Greenfield Daily Reporter. He can be reached at or 317-477-3227.