Real Estate – August 24

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

June 13

Brian K. and Carol J. Dahlquist to Shelley L. Swift, 1187 W. County Road 300N, Center Township, $189,000.

Brian A. Mitford to Joshua N. and Olivia N. Myers, 6030 E. County Road 250S, Blue River Township, $106,000.

Michael C. Evener to Elizabeth A. Ziliak, 6669 W. Jamestown Drive, Buck Creek Township, $136,900.

Christine C. Vetters to Brent A. and Apryl D. Dunn, 1536 E. Greyhawk Way, Brandywine Township, $335,000.

Fannie Mae to Betty J. Looper, 6351 N. Main St., Brown Township, $60,000.

June 14

Sharon J. Hensley to James D. and Beverly Gamblin, 7060 W. Sacramento Drive, Buck Creek Township, $250,000.

Eddie Hall to Shelby Hancock, 2410 S. Brandywine Lane, Brandywine Township, $104,000.

June 15

Joan S. Hannon and Floyd B. Hannon to Raymond Giehll III and Raymond Giehll Jr., 2274 N. County Road 300W, Buck Creek Township, $310,000.

James R. and Kathy J. Samuelson to Joseph P. Jr. and Amy J. Fistrovich, 438 E. County Road 500N, Center Township, $205,013.

June 19

R. Todd and Kimberly A. Green to Matthew and Michelle Kent, 4445 N. County Road 800W, Buck Creek Township, $184,900.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert A. May, N. County Road 675E, Center Township, $110,000.

June 20

Jon E. Smith Revocable Trust to James E. Bruce, 8042 N. Count Road 250E, Green Township, $55,000.

John P. and Kathleen J. Wildridge to Michael L. and Gloria M. Manning, 303 N. Windswept Road, Greenfield, $210,000.

June 21

Kevin D. and Teresa L. Limbach to Heath Luther and Ashley Luther, 4636 N. County Road 200W, Buck Creek Township, $379,000.

June 22

David B. and Melanie L. Bussell to Jeffrey S. and Lindsey M. Jackson, 4525 S. County Road 100N, Brandywine Township, $460,000.

Natalie A. Settles to John and Molly Good, 3991 Clubhouse Drive, Center Township, $207,000.

June 23

Patricia H. Menser to Lisa A. McGuire, 1111 W. County Road 400N, Center Township, $175,000.

June 26

Jordan H. Holt to Matthew A. Kessler, 2959 N. County Road 300E, Center Township, $180,000.

Mark A. and Julianne E. Young to James D. and Miranda L. Silvey, 2310 Osman Lane, Buck Creek Township, $161,000.

Edmond and Virginia S. Johnson to Michelle Florey, 1782 W. U. S. Highway 40, Center Township, $102,000.

June 27

Patricia Gross and John McGhee to Patricia Gross and John McGhee, 106 Cottonwood Dr., Center Township, $13,000.