Letter: Column brings back memories of Elvis, some of them sad

To the editor:

I’m saving the article (“Elvis, just before he left the building,” by John Krull, June 26, A4.) No tears ran down my cheeks, but I wept inside. I was 41 then and never saw him in person, but I loved the person he was. He was unique in so many ways. You couldn’t help being both happy and sad for him.

I don’t recall what year we went to Graceland, but it was before you could go inside the house. You could buy the cookbook at the gate and gold-plated leaf pins from his California house shrubbery across the road where the hucksters were. I bought a pin and have given it to my only daughter.

I guess I will drag out a movie for tonight’s entertainment. He always will be “The King.” Thank you for much for the article. I will be sad all day, but it is worth it.

Ila Osborne