Real Estate – July 12

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

May 3

Paul Matthews to Joshua Locke, 604 Breakers Lane, Fortville, $158,900.

Scott Reynolds and Steve Brummet to Scott Reynolds, 613 W. Fourth St., Greenfield, $13,500.

Terry Siegel and Jennifer L. Bass to Jennifer L. Bass, 209 Ricks Ave., Greenfield, $94,900.

Barry K. and Tricia D. Tucker to Adrian V. Warren, 5887 Peppereel Way, Buck Creek Township, $161,500.

May 4

William M. Smith to Benjamin K. and Caitlin B. Nickel, 3922 S. Morristown Pike, Blue River Township, $178,000.

Barbara Craven to Joann M. Ruble, 1004 Apple St., Greenfield, $138,000.

Thelma Sword to Gary L. and Cindy M. Sword, 2354 U.S. 40 West, Sugar Creek Township, $55,700.

Russell E. Givans to Fannie Mae a/k/a Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 452 Bridgewater Drive, Greenfield, $112,800.

Cartus Financial Corporation to Derrick Johnson, 249 N. County Road 350W, Buck Creek Township, $200,000.

Tamara S. Vangundy to Bronze C. Cooley, 707 School St., Greenfield, $94,250.

Premier Home Services LLC to Rhonda A. Deeter, 1300 Clove St., Greenfield, $123,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Brooke and Brandon D. Cottrell, 1402 Gateway Drive, Greenfield, $287,067.

May 5

Richard A. Kleiman Sr. Revocable Living Trust to Richard A. Jr. and Connie R. Kleiman, 2951 S. Wollenweber Road, Sugar Creek Township, $137,500.

REKG Solutions LLC to Raymond A. Littleton, 6940 N. Abiliene Way, McCordsville, $133,900.

Robert A. and Cynthia A. Wagner to Mary L. Watkins, 1186 W. Morning Walk Drive, Center Township, $190,000.

Thomas Bolton to James M. and Shila A. Michlisko, 671 Melrose Court, Greenfield, $170,000.

Brent Buchanan to Raymond C. and Lindsey R. Bruce, 4799 W. Meadow Lake Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $259,900.

Heaven L. Stanford to Savvy IN LLC, 385 N. Buck Creek Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $35,000.

Rebekah P. Flatter to Gary Rowe and Mary J. Khamis-Rowe, 9117 N. Driftwood Court, McCordsville, $215,000.

Gary L. and Jenny L. Bowen to Laurent and Daniel Davison, 5611 W. Baywood Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $276,500.

Westport Homes LLC to Edgar G. C. and Blanca del Canales, 2351 Creston Meadow, Greenfield, $138,320.

Craig A. and Jennifer R. Douglas to William M. and Michelle L. Fraszier, 1497 E. County Road 400N, Center Township, $216,500.

Barbara A. Campbell to Joshua K and Jamie Trautman, 2733 W. Creekview Drive, Buck Creek Township, $346,000.

May 8

Sherri L. Brinson to Savvy IN LLC, 847 W. Fifth St., Greenfield, $6,500.

Renovations by Russell LLC to Courtney E. Warrick, 19 W. Mill St., New Palestine, $99,500.

Charles M. and Valerie Shephard to Thomas J. Baker, 1808 E. County Road 1000N, Green Township, $25,000.

Martin L. Davis to Savvy IN LLC, 2588 E. County Road 900N, Green Township, $15,000.

Jerome P. Hunsinger to Savvy IN LLC, 10308 E. U.S. Highway 40, Jackson Township, $4,500.