Phones take too much of our time

To the editor:

I am writing with regard to your recent column in the Greenfield paper (“Put down phone, stop and smell the roses,” April 18, A4).

I agree with everything in that column and tried to read it to my daughter and her daughters the last time they visited.

Well — they did not want to listen and kept interrupting me. I thought they were very rude and finally just gave up.

When they come over to play a game, I ask them if they want to actually play a game or play on their phones.

I don’t understand why the majority of people have to have a phone in their hands 24/7 today. I have a “dumb” cellphone I keep in my purse for emergency use only. I will go days without turning it on.

We are here for only a short time, but most people do not realize that.

Thanks for your column and phrasing it so well.

Becky Romary