Saturday Sound-Off for 2-11-17

•To the staff of Wal-Mart produce: You are awesome and are very friendly.

•Shoutout to the Hancock County Humane Society and all the volunteers who help provide a warm environment for all our furry friends that need a “furever” home! Thanks for all you do!

•This stomach bug going around is no joke.

•Shoutout to all our bus drivers for getting our kids to school safe and on time. Thank you.

•Shoutout to Eastern Hancock schools!! I love my kids being able to go there. Thank you for letting my mind rest a little easier when I’m not with them!!

•A shoutout to the people out there who choose to be foster parents. I know some kids who would love this.

•A shoutout to all the princesses out there. You know who you are.

•Shirley, Indiana, shoutout to Daily Reporter for giving us a chance to win Little Mermaid tickets.

•Old National Theater lives up to its name: OLD!!! Needs a little upgrading!!!

•“You gotta bat your eyes like dis … and pucker your lips like dis.” I just realized Sebastian taught me how to flirt.

Food prep gets you ready for the week!! Success!! #goals

•Shoutout to the Greenfield Daily Reporter for keeping everyone in the community, and those who are from there but living out of state now, up-to-date on all of the local news. Awesome job!

•Is this spring or winter? The weather is confused.

•Shout out to the Greenfield Police Department — they put their lives on the line for all of us, but they also helped a lot of kids, including mine, have a fantastic Christmas. I want to thank you so much for that.

•Shoutout to all the Lowe’s employees who were recently terminated. Keep your heads up, and you all are in my prayers.

A big positive soundoff to my math teachers. Because nutritional information is never listed in terms of “entire package.”

•Shoutout to all band and choir programs in Hancock County. You guys rock! Especially my Dragons!

•Discipline of 2-year-olds is impossible. How do you know why they do anything?

•Shoutout to all of our health care workers who have to work holidays.

•I LOVE my job and the phenomenal folks I work for!

•I love being a grandma!