Repeal of Affordable Care Act will have life-and-death consequences

To the Editor:

The Op-Ed, “Is it That Bad” by Trudy Lieberman (Jan. 12, A6) used an example of someone on Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) who developed cancer and ended by betting that millions like her would soon have to assume more of the financial burdens for their care.

There is a logic error here since the repeal means a return to “pre-existing condition” exclusions, lifetime caps and the exclusion of adult children from your insurance policies. Thus, the reality is that millions will die due to inability to pay for needed medical treatment.

Whether you are a farmer, an independent contractor, a coffee shop owner or simply someone forced into early retirement before being eligible for Medicare, you will face bankruptcy and/or death if you develop a life-threatening illness or are seriously injured in an accident.

Linda Dunn