Parody interview belies superior attitude

To the editor:

Donna Steele’s parody “If we selected a high school principal the way we select a president,” (“Checks and balances,” Nov. 19, p. A4) is a testament to the hubris of those who think of themselves as elite thinkers.

Using statements like “He never gets credit for anything,” “a part-time preacher,” “whites were here first” and “making praying to Jesus an official school policy” are just a few of the ways she perpetuates division and falsehood. She also apparently has a misunderstanding of the function of the Electoral College. It does not allow for “a few to decide for the many,” but does prevent mob rule in our form of government, which might best be described as a constitutional federal republic.

This attitude of superiority — we know what is best — is exactly why we are where we are. There is a large segment of educated, hard-working, intelligent, thoughtful people who are tired of being dragged down the hill of relative truth and intolerance.

Don’t hold up abortion as simply a matter of being wanted or not and dismiss those who disagree with that stance with scorn and disdain. Abortion is not merely a pretty little fix of a series of unfortunate events. Heaven forbid people like Eric Clapton or Faith Hill (or yours truly) are allowed to live when the beginnings of their lives were so inconvenient.

I admire the folks of Greenfield Main Street and the Greenfield Coalition (two groups with which Donna is affiliated); they must include people of diverse political persuasions. I hope they will continue to promote what is good about the community that I love.

Corinne Roberts