Don’t pass up your right to vote


Don’t pass up right to vote

To the editor:

During this unusual presidential campaign, I hear people saying that they will not vote in this election because they do not like either candidate. My response is: First, I urge you to vote — it is your constitutional right that many others have died for.

Second, if you don’t like the presidential candidates, remember there are other offices: Senator, governor, Congressman, city councilperson, etc. They all need your votes.

Third, there is an alternative to voting for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. It’s the Libertarian Party. Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, is the presidential candidate, and William Weld, former governor of Massachusetts, is the vice presidential candidate.

The Libertarian Party is fiscally conservative (as Republicans) and socially liberal (as Democrats), per the candidates when they appeared on CNN Town Hall. To me this seems like a good mixture of the two major parties. Please consider voting for these men rather than forfeiting your vote altogether. Don’t give up your right to vote! Not now, not ever!

Diane Brow