Real Estate – July 27

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

June 1

Brookfield Global Relocation Services LLC to Christopher C. and Michelle D. Bloomer, 3453 S. Applegate Drive, Sugar Creek, $322,500.

June 2

BCAT 2014-4TT to Christopher D. and Kathy N. Stephens, 4192 S. Creekside Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $187,000.

Darryl Harris to Taylor B. and Krisinda L. Strickling, 7732 W. County Road 300N, Buck Creek Township, $173,000.

Mary E. Snell to Nick Barrickman and Chloe McClellan, 556 E. County Road 1000N, Green Township, $134,000.

June 3

Ted D. and Shelley L. Merkley to Scott D. and Nadine E. Gilkison, 5472 N. County Road 300E, Center Township, $510,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Molly G. Achor-Cox, 1074 W. Furry Road, Brandywine Township, $101,500.

Kevin J. Collins and Jamie Boese to Brigham and Sarah Michaud, 6637 W. Jefferson Court, Buck Creek Township, $149,900.

Jerome L. and Patricia L. Lathrop to Marcie D. and Brandon M. Stoner, 1901 Huntington Court, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $238,000.

Matthew C. and Kindra A. Moore to Matthew D. and Joan E. Moore, 1436 S. Jacobi Road, Sugar Creek Township, $366,500.

June 6

Sacksteder Properties LLC to Jessica L. Whisman, 2484 Brandywine Lane, Brandywine Township, $149,900.

Atlantic Investments LLC to David L. and Trudy C. Cole, 5716 N. Jefferson Drive, Buck Creek Township, $150,000.

RH of Indiana LP to Jusin C. and Nikolina K. Wiler, 5664 W. Stream Drive, McCordsville, $276,375.

Fischer Homes of Indianapolis LLC to Brandon L. and Katie N. Hutchens, 2472 Cabin Hill Road, Buck Creek Township, $179,250.

Arbor Homes LLC to Carl L. and Euna M. Stringer, 2282 Jaybird Drive, Greenfield, $132,263.

Loren V. and Paula E. Burrell to Cory J. and Jennifer Miller, 5721 W. Woodstock Trail, McCordsville, $255,000.

June 7

Matthew A. Elsbury to Jason M. and Michelle L. Anderson, 10693 N. County Road 50W, Vernon Township, $40,000.

Randall L. Pierson to Ryan V. and Victoria D. Andrews, 777 S. Meadow Song Court, Sugar Creek Township, $357,000.

Citifinancial Servicing LLC to Stephanie Lines, 718 Robin Lane, Greenfield, $66,125.

Kyle J. and Hediyah M. Mitchell to HP Indiana LLC, 6515 W. Deer Crossing Blvd., McCordsville, $166,800.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Castle 2016 LLC, 123 G. St., Wilkinson, $17,950.

Katherine A. Thiefoff to Wayne F. and Rebecca A. Smoot, 1479 Persimmon Circle, Greenfield, $125,000.