Local VFW post no threat to local fairgoers


VFW post no threat to local fairgoers

To the editor:

I am writing to you concerning the letter in the opinion section of the paper, written by Lois M. Coe (“Public has time to question fairgrounds,” June 4, A4). Her comment about keeping kids away from the fairgrounds because of the VFW location is absurd. This is not a drinking hole; it is a place for families to gather, and it does a lot of community service.

The veterans do not drink outside of the building, and there is no reason to feel that children will be adversely affected because of the post location. Ms. Coe should remember and be thankful for those veterans who fought for the freedom of this country so that her offspring can enjoy the freedom to participate in activities like 4-H and the county fair.

We participate in many civic functions and donate to several children’s needs in this community and deeply resent any slanderous thoughts. We have all fought for the freedom of all Americans.

Robert A. Workman