Real Estate – May 14

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

March 11

Dana and Daniel Inc. Noah D. and Courtney L. Wullenweber, 104 Forest Ave., Greenfield, $99,000.

Deanna Whitaker to Mary A. Flynn, 1283 Arlington Drive, Greenfield, $144,500.

Gerald D’Angelo to Outback Storage LLC, 5478 N. State Road 9, Center Township, $125,000.

John R. and Mary L. Hoss to Stevens Rentals LLC, West North Street, Greenfield, $8,500.

Luke A. Abraham to Anthoney B. Scroggins, 114 Tinker Trail, Greenfield, $116,500.

Timmy D. Hickerson to Nicholas A. Lawrence, 7303 E. County Road 100S, Blue River Township, $139,000.

March 14

Renovations by Russell LLC to James B. Phillips and Bret A. Head, 737 W. Garden St., Fortville, $65,000.

Todd and Chelsea M. Williams to Renovations by Russell LLC, 737 W. Garden St., Fortville, $59,500.

Thomas J. Fielder to TAH Holding LP, 1631 Prairieview Lane, Greenfield, $104,000.

Borgmann LLC to Integrated Construction Inc., West Ivy Court, Sugar Creek Township, $50,000.

Eric J. Crawford to Butch’s Auto Sales LLC, 3. S. Main St., Center Township, $48,000.

Ricky L. and Leona F. Melton to Steve Craney, 204 E. Lincoln St., Greenfield, $101.

March 15

Alfonzo Butler to Justin and Janelle Nolan, 5871 N. Benjamin Place, Buck Creek Township, $134,900.

Exclusive Renovations LLC to Keri Johnson and William Gallagher, 2171 E. Bomar Lane, Brandywine Township, $215,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Judith L. Disser Third Party Irrevocable Living Trust, 5452 S. Greenfield St., Brandywine Township, $33,500.

March 16

ARLP Trust 2 to RESI SFR SUB LLC, 208 Heartwood Hill, Greenfield, $10.

Robert E. and Emily J. Huber to Maxx Manes and Stephanie E. Sponsel, 128 Wilson St., New Palestine, $148,000.

James L. and Tina K. Simmons to Collin and Amy Deugan, 10191 E. County Road 700N, Brown Township, $40,000.

Robert D. Stansifer to Cassandra Tannehill,1016 N. Noble St., Greenfield, $97,500.

March 17

Andrea K. and David G. Espich to Kurtis A. Plohr, 29 S. Valley Drive, Valley Drive, Greenfield, $157,500.

RPG Holdings LLC to Clayton J. Kramer, 152 Longleaf Lane, Greenfield, $128,000.

Random Properties Acquisition Corporation III to Jay Springman and Kelly A. Goodall, 980 Paige Court, Greenfield, $164,900.

Kelly L. Mitchell to Ty A. and Rhonda L. Barnett, 5521 W. Baywood Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $261,000.

Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC to Erika L. Ingle, 5903 W. Commonview Drive, McCordsville, $243,685.

ARLP Trust 2 to RESI SFR SUB LLC, 958 Streamside Drive, Greenfield, $10.

March 18

Unknown seller to Hancock County Board of Commissioners, West County Road 300N, Buck Creek Township, $3,925.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gregory A. and Kelly K. Wensel, 436 S. Main St., Wilkinson, $49,000.

Daniel J. and Tammy K. Neuenschwander to Jacob Hege and Jessica D. Neuenschwander, 2156 Meridian Springs Lane, Greenfield, $136,000.

Unknown seller to Hancock County Board of Commissioners, West County Road 300N, Buck Creek Township, $7,025.

US Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 517 W. Pierson St., Greenfield, $43,680.

Harris Fortville LLC to Michael L. Oliver, 222-224 A. Main St., Fortville, $119,900.

Michael L. Oliver to JR Commercial Main St. LLC, 222-224 A. Main St., Fortville, 265,000.

March 21

James D. and Ellen K. Standish to Lisa A. Houterloot, 6923 W. Winding Bend, McCordsville, $210,000.

Stephen K. and Katherine E. Craig to Carter R. and Beth R. Bailey, 5878 W. Glenview Drive, McCordsville, $234,500.

J.P. Morgan chase Bank NA to Sectary of Veterans Affairs, 1430 Bittersweet Drive, Greenfield, $103,382.

March 22

Anita F. Young to Barbara J. Ellis, 3643 E. County Road 600N, Center Township, $133,000.

Perry E. and Elsie C. Muse, South County Road 500W, Sugar Creek Township, $45,000.

Anthony L. Craft to Samantha Walters, 911 Streamside Drive, Greenfield, $109,000.

James T. Bolka to Gregory L. and Sara J. Gray, 4408 S. Brooklawn Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $145,000.