Real Estate – April 15

The following real estate transfers recently were recorded in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Jan. 20

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to James W. Luke Jr., 8676 E. State Road 234, Brown Township, $67,115.

Brandon L. Davis to Timothy R. Logue, 1806 E. County Road 500S, Brandywine Township, $170,000.

Terry W. and Cynthia L. Decker to Joshua L. and Tara M. Evans, 6407 N. County Road 875E, Brown Township, $196,500.

Gary L. and Deborah S. Johnston to Deborah S. Johnston, 2360 S. Brandywine Lane, Brandywine Township, exempt.

Brune Family Limited Partnership to June M. Brune Revocable Trust and Beverly J. Reason Revocable Trust, N. Buck Creek Road, Buck Creek Township, exempt.

Jan. 21

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to James W. Luke Jr., East State Road 234, Brown Township, $67,115.

Brian D. and Amy E. Lovell to Jeremy Millstead, 5616 N. Plymouth Court, Buck Creek Township, $118,500.

Kenneth B. Ayres to Kenneth B. and Michelle Ayres, 830 N. County Road 150W, Center Township, exempt.

Jan. 22

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Sacksteder Properties LLC, 2484 S. Brandywine Lane, Brandywine Township, $87,055.

Jan. 25

Thomas J. and Pamela S. Donaldson to Pamela S. Donaldson, 6214 N. County Road 400E, Green Township, exempt.

Joyce A. Sipes to Alisha Deaton, 489 E. County Road 300N, Center Township, $125,000.

Jan. 26

Douglas W. and Kathy J. Schildmeier to D & K Land LLC, W. County Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, exempt.

Philmia Cole to Justin M. and Hannah E. Fletcher, 2393 N. Hickory Blvd., Center Township, $170,000.

Rebecca A. Mohr to Mohr Center Farms LLC, North County Road 400E, Center Township, exempt.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Anita S. Jones, 35 Fountain Lake Drive, Center Township, $27,100.

Jan. 27

Foreclosures 4 Cash Inc. to 1470 W. Furry Road Land Trust, Belk Capital Group LLC, 1470 W. Furry Road, Brandywine Township, exempt.

Jan. 29

Stephen Burdine to Kayla J. Riggs, 5477 S. Main St., Brandywine Township, $94,900.

Feb. 2

Susan Means to Thomas W. and Cheryl A. Foreman Jr., 1322 W. County Road 300S, Brandywine Township, $220,000.

Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, 12 W. Junction St., Center Township, $10.

Rollcoater Inc. and Ind. Corp. to Smith Implements Inc., U.S. 40 East, Center Township, $35,000.

Feb. 3

Paul T. and Vici A. Schlabach to Monty J. Larimore, 9692 N. State Road 109, Brown Township, $258,000.

Feb. 4

Harry E. and Sarah W. Worland to Randall Paul, 2419 E. Main St., Greenfield, $105,000.

Feb. 5

Nancy L. Barton to Amy M. Barton McCarroll, 1043 N. County Road 200W, Center Township, exempt.

Feb. 8

Unknown seller to Thomas L. and Lucinda L. Kofahl, West County Road 150N, Buck Creek Township, $13,000.

232 Maple LLC to Dixon Development Group LLC, 242 S. Main St., Fortville, $70,000.

Scott M. and Sonja K. McClelland to Erin Houser, 6136 W. First Watch Way, McCordsville, $275,000.

First Church of God Inc. to New Life Christian Fellowship Inc., 700 N. Broadway, Greenfield, exempt.

Merrill Lynch Mortgage Investors Trust to Ryan and Teresa Lawson, 2748 S. Meridian Road, Brandywine Township, $101,850.

Westport Homes Inc. to Dustin L. Davis and Marie Marocco, 1811 N. Creekwater Pass, Buck Creek Township, $137,500.

Kirma Shamblin to Fred Pridgen, 470 Bear Story Blvd., Greenfield, $124,500.

Arbor Homes LLC to Adam P. and Emily P. Crider, 922 Bobtail Drive, Greenfield, $198,055.

Zachary K. and Marla L. Shockley to Linda Wise, 1063 King Maple Drive, Greenfield, $158,000.

First Merit Bank NA to Krystal M. Hinton and Chester L. Mills Jr., 413 N. East St., Greenfield, $26,250.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Britney M. Anderson and Casey A. Shull and Christine M. Shull, 1182 S. Buttercup Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $120,000.

Normal J. Stewart to Eddie R. and Joyce A. Morrow, 8603 N. Ricks Drive West, Vernon Township, $89,900.

Nancy K. Farmer to Nancy K. Farmer, Sherrill A. Hurst, Kathy L. Tappy and Jodie R. Heyden, 1826 Mace Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, exempt.