Real Estate – December 10

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Sept. 21

Shirley Foods Inc. to Larry S. Huff, 502 Meridian St., Shirley, $25,000.

Gary L. and Carol A. Pence to Steven A. II and Keisa R. Messer, 3605 N. Forest Lane, Center Township, $275,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to Kayla E. Schram, 675 Geronimo Drive, Greenfield, $135,925.

Wesport Homes Inc. to Jeremy D. Pea, 274 School House Drive, Greenfield, $140,495.

Dayna A. McCall to Brian C. Crampton, 4698 W. Stonehaven Drive, New Palestine, $137,500.

NRZ Reo IV Corp. to Premium Mortgage Acquisition Trust, 2753 W. Lake Drive, Spring Lake, no price given.

Arbor Homes LLC to Jesse A. Lowe, 587 Pebble Drive, Fortville, $162,080.

Arbor Homes LLC to Sarah Handley and Caleb Crizer, 566 Pebble Drive, Fortville, $154,150.

Sept. 22

Westport Homes Inc. to Linda S. Laursen and Rhonda D. Deischer, 6414 W. Waters Edge Court, Buck Creek Township, $187,325.

Sandra S. Drago Rev. Trust to Adam M. Crowder, 2304 Wayne Drive, Buck Creek Township, $141,000.

James D. and Nicole R. Bishop to Christopher W. and Melinda D. Sutton, 1129 Manchester Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $220,000.

Jason M. and Wynter S. Morris to Morten and Conner Esbjoern, 12232 Valley View Circle, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $275,000.

Barbara L. Tutterrow to Karin C. Schubert and Ryan C. Miller, 2396 W. Water Wheel Drive, Center Township, $136,000.

Nicholas Cozatt to Lindsey A. Leistner, 1671 Catt Drive, Greenfield, $141,000.

Helaine Osoro to Nicholas Cozatt, 760 Montezuma Express Drive, Greenfield, $202,000.

Vernon D. and Carol Kathryn-Plouch to Kevin S. and Katrina M. Leary, 1018 Montgomery Court, Greenfield, $160,000.

Douglas M. and Amy L. Parrish to Brenda S. Eaton and Benny J. Eaton, 1602 Bowman Drive, Greenfield, $223,500.

ECC Greenfield LLC to Molon Lave LLC, 1981 N. State St., Greenfield, $1,400,000.

Nathan J. and Alicia A. Criswell to Kenneth S. Day, 489 Sedgewick Drive, Greenfield, $150,000.

Sara I. Wilson to Harrison and Jessica Jerrils, 1333 Cypress Drive, Greenfield, $127,500.

Richard A. and Patricia R. Shuler to Debbie Boyle, 412 N. Liberty Lane, Greenfield, $264,900.

Peter S. Gottwald to Mark K. Gottwald, 726 Gondola Run, Greenfield, $108,000.

Estate of Billie J. Hooker to Rosann G. Tunny, 5379 Blue Bell Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $145,000.

Fred G. Henning to Kim S. Jameson, 65 N. Coventry Court, New Palestine, $88,500.

Westport Homes Inc. to Courtney D. and Aimee L. Anderson, 4617 W. Chert Drive, New Palestine, $250,500.

Jeri I. Garner to Lawrence T. Cooper, 715 Buff Creek Drive, Fortville, $129,900.

Nikki R. Allred and Joshua D. Huntoon to Marcus M. Boffing, 722 Bluff Creek Drive, Fortville, $153,000.

Church of the Nazarene Foundation to Joseph R. Farrell, 477 Illinois St., Fortville, $79,000.

Brenden L. and Kara L. Dowd to HP Indiana LLC, 9088 Driftwood Court, McCordsville, $234,000.

Jamie R. and Camille Schultz to Gary L. and Susan F. Evans, 5869 W. River Chase Lane, McCordsville, $175,000.

Secretary of Housing to KGR Properties, 6629 W. Denton Drive, McCordsville, $88,390.

BW Property Group LLC to Matthew L. and Elizabeth Strange, 7600 McCord St., McCordsville, $129,000.

Scott and Virginia Swain to Jean E. Gosney, 7126 N. Stubbington Lane, McCordsville, $135,000.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes of Indianapolis LP, 5559 W. Woods Edge Drive, McCordsville, $34,697.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes of Indianapolis LP, 6084 W. Bricknell Lane, McCordsville, $47,137.

Grand Communities LTD to Fischer Homes of Indianapolis LP, 6351 W. Riverside Drive, McCordsville, $49,727.

Sept. 23

Secretary of Housing to Foreclosure 4 Cash Inc., 1407 Furry Road, Brandywine Township, $59,810.

Marcia A. Thompson to Brian Lynch, 1047 — 1059 E. South St., Center Township, $35,880.

Joseph P. Eshoo to Frances E. Gogerty, 121 Creek View Drive, Greenfield, $154,000.

David A. Vanmatre to Dannie L. Large, 646 Sonoma Lane, Greenfield, $125,000.

A & D Homes Corporation LLC to Sue L. and Carl E. Gundberg, 112 Winfield Park Court, Greenfield, $117,000.

Kevin S. and Katrina M. Leary to Adam and Jessica Myers, 1518 Pippin Drive, Greenfield, $219,900.

Jackie L. Smith to Dustin R. and Hillary J. Close, 7282 N. State Road 9, Green Township, $380,000.

Edward W. and Sharon L. Underhill to Allen and Johnna Bridges, E. County Road 325N, Jackson Township, $82,500.

Josefa Monday to Chris Mealy, 5171 W. State Road 234, Vernon Township, $140,000.

Valarie A. Baker to Ross M. White, 714 Breakers Lane, Fortville, $147,000.

Grand Communities LTD to McCordsville Senior Partners LLC, W. County Road 900N, McCordsville, $1,272,000.