Real Estate – December 4

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Sept. 4

Scott E. Woodburn to Kelli A. Woodburn, 201 Oak Blvd. S. Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, exempt.

Michael S. and Ranee L. Creech to Daniel J. Kelli Zeabart, 1395 S. County Road 150W, Center Township, $158,000.

Thomas A. and Catherine M. Berish to R. Jason Gardner, 878 S. Fairway Village Drive, Center Township, $377,000.

Martha L. Wooten to John R. and Jennifer A. Fellerman, 210 N. Pennsylvania St., Greenfield, $63,000.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to V. Mortgage REO 2 LLC, 1004 N. Noble St., Greenfield, $90,838.

Robert S. Clifton Jr. to Tracy Lee Dunson, 4231 E. County Road 1100N, Green Township, $173,000.

Kevin E. and Frances E. Richardson to Benny L. House Jr., 10877 N. Barnard Road, Green Township, $162,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to George H. and Nancy L. Carpenter, 5588 W. Woods Edge Drive, McCordsville, $222,000.

RH of Indiana LP to Robert and Patti Furgal, 5663 W. Stream Drive, McCordsville, $269,400.

Sept. 8

Citizens State Bank to Everett Tungate, 103 S. White St., Shirley, $5,000.

Westport Homes to Patricia A. Niemritz, 1709 N. Creekwater Pass, Buck Creek Township, $170,915.

Lannie T. and Patricia G. Wilson to Larry D. and Lorri J. Hurd, 3435 W. Raven Field Blvd., Buck Creek Township, $269,000.

James H. Rutherford to Jason G. Fuller, 5964 N. County Road 400E, Center Township, $108,500.

Harold L. and Linda D. Walters, et. al., to James and Mandy Bowers, 231-233 Gaslite Lane, Greenfield, $96,000.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 805 Prospector Drive, Greenfield, $41,000.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 2256 Jaybird Drive, Greenfield, $41,000.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 2290 Jaybird Drive, Greenfield, $41,000.

Nicholas W. Rohan and Jack W. Keller to Mark S. and Sherry J. Michael, 1443-1445 Coachlite Drive, Greenfield, $100,000.

Ryan L. and Mary L. Barker to Alex Galli, 532 N. State St., Greenfield, $116,500.

David Gatzke to Elizabeth M. Scott, 12249 Dunbar Circle S. Drive, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $106,000.

Sacksteder Properties LLC to Brittany N. and James Stallsworth, 710 Lighthouse Drive, Fortville, $105,600.

Beazer Homes Indiana LLP to Andrea L. Filley, 6563 W. Black Tail Way, McCordsville, $203,105.

Arbor Homes LLC to Joseph P. Cannon III, 1210 Boulder Lane, Fortville, $149,245.

Arbor Homes LLC to Penny Syverson, 554 Flint Blvd., Fortville, $133,900.

Sept. 9

Everbank to Exclusive Renovations LLC, 2171 E. Bomar Lane, Brandywine Township, $138,500.

Melvin D. and Carolyn K. Childs to Katherine N. and Cedrick L. McConnell, 5494 S. State Road 9, Brandywine Township, $111,000.

Daniel S. and Christine L. Beaty to Miranda F. Lawyer, 1706 E. Grey Feather Trail, Brandywine Township, $425,000.

Patrick and Nora Mallory to Todd R. and Brittney L. Wooldridge, 2433 E. County Road 400S, Brandywine Township, $448,000.

Michael M. and Nancy C. Hagist to Todd R. and Brittney L. Wooldridge, E. County Road 400S, Brandywine Township, $95,000.

Gary B. Graham to Wilkinson Church of Christ, 7233 N. State Road 109, Brown Township, $75,000.

Sharon K. Mann to John L. and Teresa S. Kirby, 8846 E. State Road 234, Brown Township, $149,900.

Michael K. Spencer to Aaron S. Cavin, 7238 W. County Road 500N, Buck Creek Township, $131,500.

Mary K. Jackson to Larry R. and Tammy L. Gibbs, 2371 E. Water Wheel Drive, Center Township, $174,900.

Jeffrey A. and Catherine A. Barnhart to Catherine E. Hickerson, 1715 Walnut Trace, Greenfield, $247,000.

Luther H. Spangler to Lafayette and Margie A. Shultz, 941 Kirkpatrick Place, Greenfield, $119,000.

Earl And Betty Haywood to Marjorie G. White, 945 W. Muskegon Drive, Greenfield, $168,590.

Stephen D. Heather A. Bradley to Cathy L. Wampler, 1302 N. Apple St., Greenfield, $158,500.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 2252 Mozart Drive, Greenfield, $41,000.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 716 Mozart Drive, Greenfield, $35,000.

Estate of Helen M. Chappell to Colonel L. and Carole L. Marcum, 312 Wilson St., Greenfield, $65,000.

Blair R. and Martin D. Hileman to Center State Homes LLC, 217 Yorkshire Blvd., Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $165,000.

S. Lester Phillips to Melvin Garner, 405 S. Poplar St., Fortville, $21,500.

Secretary of Housing to Eric S. Lytle, 615 E. Mill St., Fortville, $57,321.

Arbor Homes LLC to Katelynn Harlan ad Giovannty Morales, 572 Flint Blvd., Fortville, $132,800.

Gregory M. Karge to Kevin F. and Kendra Steigmeier, 9232 N. Bayside Circle, McCordsville, $179,900.

ES Land Holdings LLC to Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC, 8927 N. Rainview Drive, McCordsville, $36,500.

ES Land Holdings LLC to Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC, 8876 N. Windview Drive, McCordsville, $36,500.