Local official responds to project naysayers

To the editor:

Once again, John Priore lets his anti-growth agenda fill an editorial with false statements and accusations at myself and other council members Shelby and Fisk. I read with amusement and also frustration at his comments that we are greedy yahoos and liars when it comes to the fairgrounds project, which is sometimes referred to as the X-Plex. Let me address each one of these issues.

First of all is the one of greed. If greed is wanting what is best for the county and the residents, then he is correct. Somehow I don’t believe that was his intent. Myself, Jim Shelby and Kent Fisk have absolutely no financial incentive to see this project develop. I believe the county has everything to gain.

If you look at the surrounding counties such as Hamilton, Hendricks and Johnson, they are spending and attracting new growth and development on a regular basis.

While we are attracting new businesses, we have the issue of the higher income earners not wanting to live here because of lack of amenities.

If we don’t wake up and start getting some things developed for our county, I’m concerned that instead of being a prosperous place to live as well as work, we will go the other way.

We don’t want the issues of crime and poverty from eastern Marion county coming our way. I would propose that Priore and his three or four vocal followers are the greedy ones because they don’t want growth at any cost.

On the issue of us being liars, we have always maintained that there would be most likely a need for public funds if this project were to happen. Now I think it will.

I think you only need to look at our surrounding competition and realize in today’s market there has to be some public funding or assistance for projects to make them happen. I believe we can assist and still be reasonably prudent.

As far as the accusations of being yahoos, I Googled the term and think I can identify the real yahoos here. I will let the reader do the same.

Bill Bolander

Hancock County Council president