Real Estate – November 3

The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 11

Greg J. and Lois B. Dhaene to Christopher and Jennifer L. Johnston, 2257 S. Logan Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $180,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Conrex Residential Property Group, 2818 W. Sycamore Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $80,000.

Ronald W. Woody to Jennifer G. Woody, 2233 Logan Drive, Sugar Creek Township, exempt.

Lombardo Homes of Indiana LLC to Stephen P. Dravet, 6674 May Apple Drive, McCordsville, $443,023.

Aug. 12

J.P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing, 1074 W. Furry Road, Brandywine Township, $100,800.

Estate of Arthur J. Richardson Jr. to Michael J. Anderson, 3106 W. Sharon Drive, Buck Creek Township, $125,000.

Quicksilver Property Solutions Inc. to Adam C. and Whitney Hammond, 12328 Huntington Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $168,000.

Austin M. Stroot to Jacob I. and Courtney N. Bumbalough, 2582 Apple Tree Lane, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $155,000.

Sheila C. and Dr. Michael L. Summers to Zachary T. and Monica M. Pagac, 3737 Lakewood Drive, Center Township, $320,000.

Grove Venture LTD to Mary L. Murdoch, 1738 Walnut Trace, Greenfield, $169,900.

Robert D. and Julie A. Anderson to Laura D. Hoffman and Matthew I. Brentin, 1311 Clove Court, Greenfield, $149,000.

Lori and Robert E. McAvene Sr. to Jennifer M. Darr-Savadge, 304 W. Fourth St., Greenfield, $118,000.

Timothy A. and Melinda S. Wolfe to Christopher and Carrie Underwood, 1929 Declaration Drive, Greenfield, $159,000.

Option One Mortgage Loan Trust to Teri Kadri, 307 Van Buren St., Greenfield, $95,000.

James W. and Deloris A. Pennington to Joshua W. and Brooklyn R. Smith, 1341 Greenhills Road, Greenfield, $218,000.

Estate of Scott M. Butterfield to Lawrence E. and Dottie L. Bell, 916 W. Main St., Greenfield, $25,000.

Mechele Izbicki to Dillon Z. and Jordan Kempton, 4856 Catalina Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $130,000.

Adrianne M. Cooper to Becky Baker, 4181 S. Amber Court, New Palestine, $155,000.

Ross E. and Courtney N. Meyer to Ryan M. and Heather J. Sullivan, 4079 S. Kelly Drive, New Palestine, $165,000.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Apter Properties LLC & Mid-America Ent., 84 Buck Creek Road, Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $39,678.35.

Richard A. Jones to William N. and Carolyn J. Knauer, 725 Garden St., Fortville, $145,000.

Aug. 13

Remona L. Farrell to Barry E. and Karen N. Survant, 435 N. Main St., Wilkinson, $185,000.

BCAT 2014-4TT to Rande J. and Rebecca R. Moyer-Bielenberg, 122777 E. Harvest Glen Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $69,900.

Westport Homes Inc. to Gene T. Horton, 275 Jewell Lane, Greenfield, $137,000.

Shawn and Ingrid Glassmeyer to Angela L. King, 1337 Mulberry Court, Greenfield, $139,900.

Charmi J. Smith Rev. Trust to Andrew and Joyann K. Boudreau, 7511 W. Village Way, Sugar Creek Township, $290,000.

Ryan T. and Lisa P. White to Ethan L. and Stephen Maple, 4714 W. Stonehaven Lane, New Palestine, $182,000.

Andrew and Natalie McCammack to Carolyn A. Braunfeller, 4155 Siefert Court, New Palestine, $324,000.

Estate of Geneva A. Sipe to Linda and Allan Wilson, 1177 W. County Road 900N, Vernon Township, exempt.

Herman Jr. and Nancy C. West to Timothy A. and Erin E. Flick, 219 Swan Court, Fortville, $180,500.

Bayview Loan Servicing to Jerod A. Foley, 540 Flint Blvd., Fortville, $139,900.

Angela L. King to Jalel D. Fatnassi, 7054 N. Mesquite Court, McCordsville, $168,000.

Aug. 14

Sandra K. Peel to Harold A. and Teresa A. Fisk, 7674 Deerfield Drive, Buck Creek Township, $147,000.

Patricia D. Smith to Matthew D. Escue, 2342 W. County Road 400N, Buck Creek Township, $131,000.

David A. Settles to Natalie A. Settles, 3991 Clubhouse Drive, Center Township, exempt.

Dorvin F. Rihm to Kasia R. and Carl J. Forsyth, 412 Jefferson Blvd., Greenfield, $115,000.

Estate of Bobby J. Lash to Jennifer and Christopher Collins, 5094 Tumbleweed Court, Sugar Creek Township, $240,000.