Commissioners smart to halt fairgrounds lease signing without specifics

To the editor:

We would like to personally thank Mark Huber and Brad Armstrong for the way they conducted the meeting Sept. 1 in regard to the HCECC X-Plex. They both recognized that there still were pressing issues that needed to be addressed before a lease could be signed.

The misconception put forth by many individuals at this meeting needs to be addressed.

The Hancock County Tea Party (HCTP) has never been against relocating the fairgrounds. I believe there may be alternate plans that would be more acceptable than the current one being presented to the public and commissioners by the Hancock County Exposition Complex Corporation (HCECC).

Kathie Hickerson directly addressed the HCTP, and I quote: “Channel your great amount of negative energy to creating a positive plan. Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem.”

That is exactly what we are attempting to do.

The HCECC has repeatedly avoided specifics. We only want to make the HCECC accountable for bringing forth a concrete plan, not a vision. The HCECC needs to come up with a plan that has substance with answers on how to fund this project.

When the HCTP proceeds with this stand of asking the HCECC to do this, we are labeled against it.

The 4-H’ers and the fair always have been uppermost on our minds and therein lies our focus — a fairgrounds for our kids.

The HCECC needs to be disbanded and replaced with a county commission board with a representative from each township in the county. Many now serving on the present HCECC could be retained but not any of the elected officials who are presently serving as a commissioner or sitting on the county council.

As witnessed at the last commissioners meeting, these elected officials cannot be objective or unbiased.

The Hancock County Tea Party fully supports our youth, 4-H programs and improving the fairgrounds, moving it or enhancing what we have. We would love to be a part of the solution in achieving this goal.

Martha Vail, Charlottesville; Jan Brown, Greenfield; Mike Flynn and Carolyn Flynn, Greenfield