Fire department serves community in many ways

To the editor:

Our Buck Creek Township Fire Department has come to my husband’s aid ever so quickly twice since July 6 and then transferred him to Community Hospital.

One trip, because of their efficiency, was a mini-stroke, just that and not more. The second trip, he was bleeding profusely but again because of the abilities and efficiency of the men from the Buck Creek Fire Department, he did not have to have a blood transfusion when he was transported to Community Hospital. We can’t begin to thank them enough for getting him there quickly and safely.

However, I want people to know that Buck Creek Fire Department Station 72 is not just for being there, fighting fires and saving lives of people. They also do so much more.

Because of my husband’s handicaps, these past few months, our American flag flying in front of our home has deteriorated from all the weather we have been having, and we have been unable to take it down and replace it.

Buck Creek firemen arrived unannounced, removed the weather-beaten American flag and put in its place a brand new beautiful American flag. No one asked them to do this very kind act, but the new American flag is glorious, and we are so very grateful and thankful to and for our Buck Creek Township Fire Department.

We have lived in this community for over 48 years and seen many good deeds of our fire department go unnoticed. None of us could survive without their dedicated abilities, kindness and caring. Thank you, Buck Creek Township Fire Department Station 72, and God bless.

Larry and Carol Simmerman