4-H club meets, conducts elections

CHARLOTTESVILLE — The Jackson Achievers 4-H Club recently met at the Charlottesville Lions Club Community building with 11 members and two guests present.

President Lindsay Fields opened the meeting. Cassandra Watson led the American flag pledge, and Cody McClarnon led the 4-H pledge. Olivia Campbell led recreation, and Savannah Fields presented devotions.

Business from the meeting included discussing possible activities and projects.

Elections were the focus of the meeting, with Lindsay Fields being named president, Josh Watson being named vice president, Tara Nolen being named secretary, and Denver Campbell being named treasurer. Olivia Campbell was appointed to recreation, Josh Nichols appointed to devotions, Caleb Nichols appointed as chairman of the science committee, Dixie Fields appointed as chairman of the service committee, Madi Gerry appointed as song leader, Elli Griesmeyer and Elise Huffman appointed as health and safety leaders, and Cody McClarnon appointed as club reporter.