State senator Crider ran on the wrong ticket

To the editor:

I just received a survey from State Sen. Michael Crider. He ran and was elected a Republican senator. However, he offers four questions on this mailing. He seems to be a Socialist instead of a Republican.

The very first question comes straight out of George Orwell’s book, “1984.” What he asks is whether we should give longer sentences to criminals for what they think rather than what they did. This is thought police: Give longer sentences for what people think. The remaining three questions are Socialist questions that only have socialist answers. He should have run on a Socialist ticket, not a Republican ticket. Write him a note at or State Sen. Michael Crider, Indiana State House, 200 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, Indiana 46204. He ran on the wrong ticket.

Donald McKinsey


Editor’s note: Mike Crider, R-Greenfield, has since withdrawn from the Congressional race.