Marriage Licenses – September 5

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

July 3

Kathryn A. Reinhardt, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, to Bryan M. Beaver, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Mark A. Owen, Greenfield, to Amy S. Buckley, Greenfield.

Lindsey R. Aslin, Indianapolis, to Nathan M. Shruba, Greenfield.

July 5

Cameron S. Douglas, Greenfield, to Marissa G. Riggs, Greenfield.

Kristian Addington, Greenfield, to Aaron Potter, Greenfield.

July 6

Geornee A. Camp, Greenfield, to Tyler J. Johnson, Greenfield.

Jordan W. Owens, Greenfield, to Madison L. Walton, Greenfield.

July 7

Steve L. Collings, Greenfield, to Traci L. Unger, New Paris, Ohio.

Jennifer L. Bell-Carlton, Greenfield, to Sean D. Sisson, Greenfield.

Dakota S. Smith, Indianapolis, to Brooke M. Bailey, Greenfield.

James D. Myers Jr., Greenfield, to Amy J. Cope, Greenfield.

Ashley Neice, Greenfield, to Liana Todd, Greenfield.

July 10

Charles F. S. Daniel, Greenfield, to Courtney D. Hensley, Indianapolis.

Lindsay F. Bailey, Greenfield, to Kyle J. Eischen, Greenfield.

July 11

Melissa M. Asher, Greenfield, to Eric A. Lowe, Greenfield.

Charles V. Boring, New Palestine, to Carolyn K. Boring, New Palestine.

July 12

Kelsey L. Bigoss, Greenfield, to Dillon S. McConahay, Greenfield.

July 13

Breanne K. Bell, Greenfield, to Grant L. Minkey, Indianapolis.

Stephanie R. Huber, Greenfield, to Anthony W. Mowery, Greenfield.

Taylor R. Mays, Greenfield, to Garrett D. Manns, Greenfield.

Brittany L. Henderson, Greenfield, to Paul E. Gossage, Greenfield.

July 14

Emily M. Hiland, New Palestine, to Steven G. Freck, Marion.

Kandis R. Brouillette, Greenfield, to Matthew W. Powell, Greenfield.

July 17

Cory A. Spurlock, Greenfield, to Andrea L. Boucher, Greenfield.

Ronald L. Gottschalk, Greenfield, to Teri L. House, Greenfield.

Aaron D. Webb, Greenfield, to Rebbecca L. Garner, Greenfield.

July 19

Jared L. Smith, Fortville, to Samantha C. Smith, Indianapolis.

July 20

Dara Booe, Indianapolis, to Mitchell Jessup, Greenfield.

July 24

Jacob A. Layne, Greenfield, to Greta M. Elliott, Greenfield.

July 25

Ashley Bennett, Fortville, to Robert Buss, Fortville.

Mitchell R. Gibson, Greenfield, to Shelby A. Davis, Greenfield.

July 26

Hannah N. Davis, Fortville, to Austin L. Lucas, Fortville.

Jessica L. Orndorff, McCordsville, to William H. Gowin, Indianapolis.

Samantha J. Smith, Greenfield, to John A. Carman, Greenfield.

Gena L. Noak, McCordsville, to Sean C. Larkin, McCordsville.

Nicole D. Mercer, Greenfield, to Brendon S. Nicholson, New Castle.

July 28

Olivia D. Jarnecke, Fortville, to Ezekiel A. Hamilton, Fortville.

Donald S. Davison, Indianapolis, to Pamela J. Jackson, Fortville.

Janet N. Murphy, Greenfield, to Julie L. McCallister, Greenfield.

Randal S. Hanneman, Fairland, to Ronda R. Harris, New Palestine.

Matthew D. Gruber, McCordsville, to Kathryn T. C. Tinsley, McCordsville.

July 31

Cory A. Hunt, Fortville, to Steven C. Clear, Fortville.