Back when: Aug. 15-21

Aug. 15

In 1919, a vocational agriculture department was introduced in Greenfield schools under the direction of Purdue University.

Aug. 16

In 1977, local stores sold out of Elvis Presley records and cassettes as fans of the singer learned of his death. “If we had had enough, they’d still be lined up to buy them,” Ron Kaczmarek, manager of the Greenfield K-Mart, said the next day. Dan Riley, a disc jockey for Greenfield radio station WSMJ-FM, said the station paid tribute to Presley: “During a 24-hour period … every other song we played was an Elvis song.”

Aug. 17

In 1977, Greenfield Parks and Recreation Board voted to hire an architectural firm to prepare a cost analysis for renovation of Riley Park Pool or construction of a new one.

Aug. 18

In 1942, Hancock County’s War Price and Rationing Board gave the guidelines for home canners applying for sugar to preserve produce during wartime sugar rationing. Unlike other rationing programs, it operated largely on the honor system, with users answering a series of questions, such as how much canning sugar they used the previous summer, before the United States’ entry into World War II.

Aug. 19

In 1996, Eastern Hancock Middle School opened for its first day of classes. The building was built between the district’s elementary and its high school, which was newly renovated.

Aug. 20

In 1958, Mt. Comfort Methodist Church consecrated a new sanctuary. The church is now known as Mt. Comfort United Methodist Church of the Risen Christ.

Aug. 21

In 1977, Greenfield Country Club dedicated nine new holes to become an 18-hole golf course.