Area students graduate, earn honors

Daily Reporter staff reports

The University of Indianapolis recognized its 2017 graduates in a ceremony conducted May 6. Local graduates include: Lindsey Bailey, Bachelor of Science, cum laude; Bryson Basaron, Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude; Molly Beal, Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude; Larry Bryan, Bachelor of Science; Rebecca Cox, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Morgan Downs, Doctor of Physical Therapy; Searra Flynn, Bachelor of Arts; Paula Goodwin, Master of Arts; Sarah Morris, Bachelor of Science; Kenneth Sell, Bachelor of Science, cum laude; Maria Soriano, Bachelor of Science in Nursing; Samantha Stevens, Master of Occupational Therapy; Whitney Welleman, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, cum laude; Whitney Wright, Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude; Vincent Ziraldo, Bachelor of Science.

Ethan Hopkins, Greenfield, and Rebekah Dickmander, Morristown, recently graduated from Hanover College. Hopkins, a biology major, is the son of William and Sally Hopkins. Prior to attending Hanover, he graduated from Lutheran High School of Indianapolis. Dickmander, a biochemistry major, is the daughter of Jeff Dickmander and Julie Dickmander. Prior to attending Hanover, she graduated from Eastern Hancock High School. The two were among 239 students to receive a bachelor of arts degree at the May 27 ceremony on the college’s campus on the Ohio River in Hanover.

Ball State University, located in Muncie, recently released its dean’s list for the 2017 spring semester:

Charlottesville: Zach Rickett

Cumberland: Cameron Nichols

Fortville: Kelsey Anderson, Aimee Arkenau, Madison Horsley, Madyson McGill, Megan Pate, Lindsey Stamper and Seth Winslow

Greenfield: Katey Addison, Allison Bandy, Jessi Beaver, Blaine Bever, Alex Brock, Beth Buenger, Hope Colclazier, Lauren Dickson, Olivia Dickson, Brandon Dobbins, Zander Franklin, Amy Frye, Josh Fulford, Chyan Gilaspy, Taylor Glover, Jocelyn Hall, Donovan Hankins, Rachel Houck, Darcie Huber, Emily Jeffries, Erin Jeffries, Jami LaFord, Regan Lewis, Hannah Lockington, Stephanie Mayer, Bailey McDonald, Emily Moore, Lexi Nelson, Lesley Nickels, Lucas Pelfrey, Eric Peters, Alex Quillin, Erin Robertson, Jordan Rupley, Darrin Scott, Natalie Smith, Brian Snow, Mackenzie Swenson, Claire Talbott, Christina Thibodeau, Carolyn Voigt and Shelby Webb

McCordsville: Austin Alcala, Cody Baker, Maggie Boyland, Dominic Cassiere, Sarah Denk, Phylisia Donaldson, Jake Durbin, Kyler Durham, Kendell Fowler, Rylie Gendron, Kaitlyn Haney, Jessica Hantz, Evan Harrison-Brammer, Abby Henriott, Joslin Hill, Jacob Marshall, Gavin Mauk, Emily McQuitty, Alexis Miller, Zach Runyan, Evan Schacherer, Mackenzie Schroeder, Noah Speckman, Ethan Summers, Jaren Summers, Haley Swickard, Haley White and Brittany Wiggins

New Palestine: Taylor Baugh, Emma Birch, Kendall Carnes, Molly Carpenter, Whitney Coffman, Grant Coil, Haley Coil, Alexandra Crump, Reaghan Ehle, MacKenzie Espich, Erica Faunce, Katie Hall, Kenzi Hoffman, Olivia Hornsby, Alex Jacobs, Addie Johnson, Chloe Kirchner, Megan Lenahan, Jordan Martin, Konnor Miller, Kramer Miller, Matt Moeller, Tara Morey, Katie Mustard, Ben O’Brien, Stephanie Payson, McKenze Qualkinbush, Andy Reel, Matthew Roembke, Hannah Rush, Hayley Taylor, Caroline Voelz and Rachael Wernimont

Shirley: Olivia Mattix

Wilkinson: Emily Reger and Allison Turner

Ball State University announces the following 2017 spring graduates, following commencement services in May:

Cumberland: Cameron Nichols, Bachelor of Science (Magna Cum Laude).

Fortville: Kelsey Anderson, Bachelor of Arts; Lita Hughes, Bachelor of General Studies; Abbey Boerner (Cum Laude), Andrea Jacobs (Cum Laude), Kourtney Kelty, Bachelor of Science.

McCordsville: Garrett Dellinger, Abby George, Jessica Hantz, Kali Johnson, Cole Justus, Jacob Kowal, Emily McQuitty, Mackenzie Schroeder, Katie Taylor, Jacob Yeager Bachelor of Science; Evan Harrison-Brammer, Quinn Padgett, Bachelor of Arts; Danielle Rogers, Bachelor of General Studies; Kyler Durham, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; Kelsey Hurm, Master of Arts.

New Palestine: Joshua Matson, Matthew Roembke, Bachelor of Arts; Danielle Spearing, Bachelor of General Studies; Haley Coil, Kenzi Hoffman (Summa Cum Laude), Shelly Huesman, Lindsey Kehrt (Cum Laude), Chloe Kirchner, Corey Lyons, Katie Mustard (Magna Cum Laude), Stephanie Payson, McKenze Qualkinbush (Magna Cum Laude), Andrea Rolf, Bachelor of Science; MacKenzie Espich, Bachelor of Social Work; Jeremy Dillard, Rachael Powell; Master of Arts Education.

Greenfield: Cassie McCarty, Bachelor of Arts; Ian Kitcoff, Erica Truitt, Bachelor of General Studies; Sara Bavender, Abby Collins, Jesse Engh (Cum Laude), Perry Flaugh, Zander Franklin (Cum Laude), Rachel Houck, Lesley Nickels (Cum Laude), Lucas Pelfrey, Natalie Smith (Magna Cum Laude), Andrew Spears, Shelby Webb, Justin Winkleman, Adam Wu, Bachelor of Science; Jami LaFord, Emily Moore (Cum Laude), Erin Robertson, Bachelor of Social Work; Amy Andrus, Lori Edwards, Dan Ward, Master of Arts; Margaret North, Master of Science.

Shirley: Tyler Gibson, Bachelor of General Studies; Abby Miller (Magna Cum Laude), Bachelor of Science.