Marriage Licenses – May 19

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

April 3

Jason L. Jenkins, New Palestine, to Courtney A. Osman, Greenfield.

Bryan C. Bechman, Greenfield, to Lauren A. Lazzell, Greenfield.

Daniel W. McNeely, Fortville, to Intelsia Ndaong, Fortville.

April 5

Christina M. Dahl, McCordsville, to Craig J. Jenkins, McCordsville.

Stephanie D. Petersen, Greenfield, to Todd A. Roberts, Greenfield.

April 7

Bernard J. Mehringer, Indianapolis, to Tracy C. Walker, New Palestine.

Daniel R. Jenn, Indianapolis, to Amy K. Stilwell, McCordsville.

Christopher W. Back, Greenfield, to Paige E. Wildman, Greenfield.

Dakota J. James, Rushville, to Elizabeth M. Selvidge, Greenfield.

Lydia R. Bauer, Greenfield, to Daniel S. Turner, Greenfield.

April 10

Carrie M. Vertin, McCordsville, to Matthew L. McCormack, Guthrie, Oklahoma.

April 13

Jacob M. Arthur, Greenfield, to Leticia M. Murray, Greenfield.

Brandon R. Bowsher, Greenfield, to Candace N. Thompson, Greenfield.

Kyle B. Wilson, Wilkinson, to Julie A. Elsbury, Greenfield.

April 14

Annissa T. Graham, Indianapolis, to Adolph Godhigh, Indianapolis.

Andrew Greenwald, McCordsville, to Nitgna Patel, McCordsville.

April 17

Reasha Steinmetz, Shirley, to Daniel Day, Shirley.

Jennifer L. Bresson, Greenfield, to John A. Damico, Greenfield.

Terence L. Burroughs, Shirley, to Wendy S. Burroughs, Shirley.

Charles A. Sleeth, Greenfield, to Karla J. Fulner, Greenfield.

April 18

Dustin H. Duncan, Greenfield, to Cali J. Sensing, New Palestine.

April 19

Ashley M. Earnest, New Palestine, to Matthew A. Russell, Indianapolis.

Tiffany Hamerin, Greenfield, to Joshua Skillman, Greenfield.

Hung T. Tran, New Palestine, to Gio T. Nguyen, New Palestine.

Fredrika L. Houston, Greenfield, to Tamara A. Smith, Indianapolis.

April 20

Fred L. Gosser, Fortville, to Amy M. Groover, Dunreith.

April 21

Madeline Dement, Washington, to Grant Baldwin, McCordsville.

Eric Garrison, Greenfield, to Kassie Vanderford, Greenfield.

Kayla N. Holt, McCordsville, to Detarance L. Harvey, McCordsville.

Jonathan S. Burnett, New Palestine, to JoAnna C. Stackhouse, New Palestine.

Henry L. Smith, Greenfield, to Jodie M. Van Brunt, Greenfield.

April 24

Perry S. Flaugh, Greenfield, to Emily C. M. Gibble, Greenfield.

Shawn M. Randolph, Shirley, to Sara J. Herbst, Norcross, Georgia.

Zachary T. Hutchens, New Castle, to Caitlin N. Parke, Shirley.

April 25

Jordan L. Stapp, Greenfield, to Tyler Eltzroth, Greenfield.