Sound Off – March 18

•Whether you are new to Hancock County or have lived here awhile, there is a wonderful service here known as Hancock Area Rural Transit (HART for short) that will pick you up at your home, take you to the doctor, grocery, bank and other errands. Then, they will pick you up and take you back home. The fees are minimal; if you go out of county, they’re more but still reasonable. They are helpful, courteous and always on time. Without this service, many residents would be home bound. One more great reason to live in Hancock County.

•Many blessings and thanks to the unknown hospital worker who bought our nine lunches at Applebee’s on Wednesday, Feb. 22, for our Red Hat Society lunch. We are so appreciative! You made our day!

•In the Friday, Feb. 24, issue, the appearance of the two articles next to each other on the front page struck me funny. One describes the problem of children bullying in Hancock County schools. The very next column describes the necessity by Fortville Town Council to adopt a set of rules to govern the “behavior of its (adult) members.” Human nature doesn’t change in some areas, does it?

Greenfield needs, and deserves to have an economically affordable YMCA for the health of the general public. It’s clear that what they are offering is not enough and is keeping people from getting healthy and maintaining healthy weights. Please explain why Fishers, Indiana, has two YMCAs, and Greenfield, Indiana, has zero! Not fair at all.