Student to intern at state crime lab

ANGOLA — Emily White, a senior forensic science and chemistry major at Trine University, will be an intern at the Drug Lab for the Indiana State Crime Lab this summer, the first intern the lab has had in six years.

The lab, which is operated by the Indiana State Police, decided to post an internship position for aspiring analysts and around 20 applicants sent in résumés.

White, a resident of Fortville, was one of those hopefuls and was selected to be the intern after going through an interview process and taking a tour of the facility.

White is a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority, a student ambassador, a resident assistant and a part of the Trine softball team.

She originally learned about the position through some classmates who were comparing internships.

“One of the girls mentioned that there was one with the Indiana Crime lab,” she said. “She was applying for a different portion, but there was one for the Drug Department, so I looked it up and applied.”

When White found out that she got the internship, she was thrilled.

“It made me feel so good,” she said. “When I found out in the interview that 20 people applied and I was one of three they chose to even meet, it gave me some confidence. Then, when I was told I got the internship, I may have had a little dance party for myself.”

White will have some responsibilities on her plate when she goes to work in May, from paperwork to shadowing analysts.

White said she is looking forward to the experience she will acquire as an intern at the lab.

“I hope that I will learn more about the methods that they use, along with the instruments. I am excited to also gain a lot of experience with the field I want to be in. This is a great opportunity because this is the first time they have had an intern in six years and they don’t normally let people job shadow,” she said. “Getting some insight on what it is really like will be fantastic. It will help get my foot in the door!”

White will start her internship at the Indiana State Crime Lab in May after softball season ends. In the future, she hopes to work for a crime lab as a drug analyst or work with chemical trace evidence, she said.