Trees gone so storage building can come

To the editor:

In 1994 my husband and I set out to build a new home. We bought a lot in Twin Oaks just north of Maxwell. We chose the land not quite an acre west of State Road 9 with all the beautiful trees behind us God had created. Our land did not have any trees on it. The house Ed Hamant built for us — which we are still proud of — is nothing fancy, but it would be our new home in a nice neighborhood. Mr. Hamant finished a good house for us.

We went to Pickett Nursery at that time, and Mr. Pickett told us to pick the trees we wanted to grow on our property, and in a few years we would have our own woods with trees we had chosen. Sure enough, our trees have grown well over the years.

I stood at the back of our property a few minutes ago with tears in my eyes while the men were demolishing full-grown trees that God had created to clear the land to put Outback Storage building behind us. The back of our property will no longer be the same as we look out to the east from our deck, and most of the full-grown trees will no longer be there for us to enjoy.

It is a sad, sad evening.

Cindy Flick