Marriage Licenses – July 16

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

June 21

Gregory B. Shamblin, New Palestine, to Trina L. Krauth, New Palestine.

Jeffery D. Harriman, Fortville, to Mary B. Hadler, Fortville.

Jennifer A. Nostrand, Greenfield, to Donald R. McNeely, Greenfield.

Caleb R. Paugh, Greenfield, to Emily A. Hoagland, Greenfield.

Aaron J. Smith, Wilkinson, to Danielle E. Ingram, Wilkinson.

June 22

Natalie S. Szempruch, Indianapolis, to Bradley K. Rhodes, Greenfield.

Ashley C. Linville, New Palestine, to Matt A. Nuckols, Hartford City.

Timothy S. Fleming, Greenfield, to Kimberlee A. Wilson, Greenfield.

Michael S. Garner, Fortville, to Richard D. Burgess, Indianapolis.

Cody M. Richeson, New Palestine, to Heather M. Craw, New Palestine.

June 23

Roxanne M. West, Greenfield, to Erin L. Roush, Greenfield.

Raymond Gray Jr., Fountaintown, to Cheryl Wilson, Fountaintown.

June 24

Anthony T. Blythe, New Palestine, to Kaetlynn C. Privett, New Palestine.

Kasey N. Walker, Fortville, to David M. O’Donnell, Fortville.

Kristina L. Jones, Fortville, to Jason A. Matthews, Fortville.

Matthew A. Townsend, Willow Branch, to Abigail N. Nicholas, Willow Branch.

June 27

Amy J. Wortkoetter, Greenfield, to Lawrence Gorman III, Greenfield.

June 28

Adrian T. McDonald, Greenfield, to Hannah D. Nance, Greenfield.

Carolyn M. Kurrus, Greenfield, to Robert A. McConnell, Greenfield.

June 29

Kathryn A. Henry, McCordsville, to Ahmad K. R. A. Jaa, Fishers.

Courtney L. Jackson, Morristown, to Stephen N. Kalk, Greenfield.

June 30

Jonathan F. Bullman, Greenfield, Samantha K. Walters, Greenfield.

Aaron M. Hauck, Greenfield, to Jennifer R. Morse, Greenfield.

Ashley M. Wildt, Greenfield, to Bradley J. Vermillion, Greenfield.