John Burdeau writes,

“We have a name listed for Hancock Co. It is Francis M. Hanes, Corporal, Co. B, 8th Ind. Vol. Inf. 1843 to 05/??/1937. Died at age 94. Member of the George H. Thomas GAR Post No. 17. Buried in the New Palestine Cemetery, New Palestine. Does anybody know of a Civil War Veteran buried after that date?”

Laurie Miller wants to know if anyone knows of Jordans or Springers from Hancock County in 1847.

I had a great time the other day talking to Fred Bixler and Assistant Chief D.B. Bowman of the Jackson/Blue River Township Volunteer Fire Department. The community should feel proud of their efforts in the area.

The group started in 1957 after a state law mandated the township trustee to provide fire protection. The current station was built in 1977. Prior to the current station, the site was the location of the state highway garage.

On average, the Jackson/Blue River Fire Department does 175 runs a year. There are 25 volunteers on the force. Before the current station was built, the fire station was at the Lions Club building.

Fred Bixler provides this photo and information, written by Kenneth Butler, who was a long-time Greenfield Fire Department Chief.

“It shows several of the members of the Jackson/Blue River Fire Department, which was taken in front of the Charlottesville Fire Station, which was at the time located in the Lions Club Community Building at 10165 E. County Road 25 North.

“Butler writes, the 1946 Ford Howe Pumper in the photo was originally purchased new by the Greenfield Community Fire Truck Company, which was organized in 1932 as an association of members living in a 6-to-8 mile radius outside the city of Greenfield.

“Since this was a rural area, it was called the ‘Farmers’ Fire Truck.’ Each member of the association paid a membership fee of $25 and only the paying members of the association were provided with fire protection. The truck was housed at the Greenfield Fire Station on West North Street and the driver of the truck was provided by the city.

Sometime around 1960, the truck was ordered removed from the Greenfield Fire Station by Mayor Cliff Fields. Shortly thereafter, the truck was donated to the Jackson/Blue River Townships Fire Department, which had formed in Charlottesville in 1957.”

Enough. I have told you everything that I know and some things I don’t. Talk to me.

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