GOP leaders: Perhaps he listened better

To the editor:

This is to Paul Ryan and the rest of you politicians. You may not like Trump winning the GOP, but you do not elect a president; the American people do. The whole country has almost all voted, and they picked Trump. If you can’t get behind him like you are supposed to then get your dictator self out of office.

We, the American people, are your boss, or have all of you forgotten the Constitution? It isn’t your GOP agenda that he needs to follow, it is the American people’s. You need to listen to what Trump is saying and not what you want to hear. He is listening to what the American people are saying and not the news media or you politicians. That is why he won the GOP race.

We could put 100 percent of Congress in a paper bag, shake it and turn it upside down to see which honest Congressmen and women fall out, and I bet maybe five would fall out!

November is coming, and if I was all of you, I would be very afraid who the American people vote into office. If you are really men and women of the GOP, then act like it. You are supposed to be role models, not jerks. Quit being sore losers.

Texan K. Plough