Andis Women’s Center promotes ‘Period of PURPLE Crying’

GREENFIELD — Staff members at the Andis Women’s Center at Hancock Regional Hospital are making an educational switch. Instead of “never shake a baby,” nurses and educators are now teaching the Period of PURPLE Crying.

The concept, conceived by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, uses the acronym PURPLE to help new parents understand that their infant will likely have some periods of inconsolable crying.

PURPLE stands for:

Peak of crying


Resists soothing

Pain-like face

Long-lasting, and


To promote this concept, babies this year will receive handmade purple hats, said Andis Women’s Center director Teresa Lueder.

In addition, staff members will provide new parents with a card with the information about this concept on it, to help prevent child abuse and shaken baby syndrome.

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