Democratic Party has faults of its own

Democratic Party has faults

To the editor:

Well, Mr. Adkins is at it again. It’s amazing how a former chair of the Hancock County Democratic Party is such an expert on the Republican Party. He fails to see the failures in his own party. One candidate is a self-proclaimed Socialist.

The other sends illegal emails, has a mess from Benghazi and lies through her teeth about both. What Mr. Adkins cannot see is that the true hard-working American people are fed up and want someone to hold both sides of Washington accountable and then force them to work for the American people once again.

We respect the police and our families. We understand what the word, illegal, means. America was the can-do, can-make anything country. It’s time to take it all back, and people, quit looking for everything free as the Democrats promise.

David Wicker Jr