GREENFIELD — Everyone involved in a Broadway production, from the ticket-takers to the performers bowing at curtain call, are referred to as the company.

Nancy Leslie wants Hancock County’s “company,” all those involved in the arts, to collaborate and support each other.

The Hancock County Arts and Cultural Council recently held its annual meeting to install new officers and establish its goals for the upcoming year. Leslie, the 2016 president-elect, hopes to encourage those in the arts community to communicate with each other and use each other’s talents to promote all artistic endeavors in Hancock County.

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Leslie held up guest speaker Chris Sickels, owner of Red Nose Studio in Greenfield, as an example of collaboration creating great art.

The local artist recently created the backdrop art for the “Little Things Ballet,” performed by Dance East Ballet Company, which was written and choreographed by Dance East owner Dana Hart. The project brought multiple groups together for one goal.

Trixie Woodard, arts council administrator, said the council is plotting its calendar for the year, with a focus on collaborating with local nonprofit organizations, as well as the Hancock County Parks and Recreation Department, area schools and other venues, she said.

Sickels, a member of the arts council, said he is especially encouraged by the council’s goal to get local artists and artisans working with schools because seeing artists in action can inspire students to go down that career path as well.

“Sometimes an artist makes an impact beyond what a teacher can bring to the table,” he said. “If (the council) could be a resource hub, that could be a great feat.”

New arts council officers

At its annual meeting, the Hancock County Arts and Cultural Council elected officers for the upcoming year. The council also hired a new administrator. 

President: Nancy Leslie

Vice president: Mark Dudley

Treasurer: Dennis Cole

Administrator: Trixie Woodard 

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