Police: Suspect punched woman

GREENFIELD — A man accused of raping a Greenfield woman told the alleged victim she was his slave and he was her king in the moments leading up to the incident, the woman told police.

Information about the victim’s injuries and the relationship she had with the man she said attacked her were released this week as formal charges were filed against James Owens, 38, of Indianapolis, who was held in the Hancock County Jail over the weekend as police investigated the allegations.

Owens told police he considered the act — which required the woman to seek treatment at a local hospital for a tear in her ear lobe and bite wounds, among other injuries — consensual. He pleaded not guilty to three Level 1 felony counts of rape and one Level 6 felony count of battery causing injury.

Owens and the victim had been dating, the woman told police, but he became angry when he found her profile on an online dating website.

He visited her home in Greenfield on Sunday, and they argued, she said.

She said they had consensual sex later in the evening, but the act then turned violent, according to court documents.

“James made her get on her knees, put her hands together, and made her tell him he was her only man, and he was her king,” police alleged in court documents. “ … James slapped and punched her face and pulled her hair.”

The woman was brought to Hancock Regional Hospital’s emergency room by ambulance after she started bleeding after an earring was ripped from her ear, court documents state.

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Caitlin VanOverberghe is a reporter at the Greenfield Daily Reporter. She can be reached at 317-477-3237 or cvanoverberghe@greenfieldreporter.com.