Man, once thought to be victim in stabbing, arrested

GREENFIELD — A man police originally believed was a victim in a stabbing in Greenfield this month has been arrested and charged in the incident, which investigators say began with a quarrel on Facebook.

William S. Anderson, 38, of Greenfield, one of two people who suffered stab wounds Sept. 1, was arrested early Monday on charges of battery resulting in bodily injury and disorderly conduct. Police said Anderson, who was stabbed in the hand, came forward days after the incident and admitted he was an instigator in the fight.

Anderson was the subject of a string of messages exchanged over Facebook that led to a fight in the 300 block of Tague Street in early morning, court documents state.

Anderson and his brother, Brandon Anderson, 33, of Fountaintown, showed up at the home and assaulted the man living there, Jacob O’Meara, after Brandon Anderson threatened to “gut him like a fish,” court documents state. Witnesses told police Brandon Anderson pulled a knife and slashed O’Meara, 25, across the forehead.

While punches were being thrown, William Anderson was stabbed in the hand. Both men were treated for their injuries at Hancock Regional Hospital and released.

When he was originally questioned, Brandon Anderson denied having a knife during the fight; but when police told him he was under arrest, he admitted his involvement, saying he “just wanted to get this over with so he could get probation,” court documents state.

Brandon Anderson was arrested on charges of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon and battery, police said.

After his brother was taken into custody, William Anderson came to the Greenfield Police Department to provide police with more detail about what happened that night.

William Anderson told police he and O’Meara exchanged several messages over social media before the incident about an upcoming gathering at O’meara’s home. He showed police a message from O’meara that said, “… people are going to be there that are uncomfortable with you around,” according to court documents.

William Anderson took offense to the comment, and his brother rushed to his aid, he told police.

Brandon Anderson went to O’meara’s Greenfield home, and the two got into a fistfight, according to court documents.

Brandon Anderson left the property after the initial confrontation but returned a few hours later, this time with three other men, including William Anderson, police said. A second fight broke out, and William Anderson admitted he was involved, court documents state.

Battery resulting in bodily injury in a Level 6 felony carrying a penalty of six months to 2½ years in jail; disorderly conduct in a Class B misdemeanor carrying a penalty of six months in jail.

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