Marriage Licenses – August 21

The following marriage licenses were recently filed with the Hancock County clerk’s Office:

July 1

Keela M. Retallick, Morro Bay, California, to Christopher A. Trennepohl, Morro Bay, California.

Donald J. Siler, New Palestine, to Amanda C. Shepler, New Palestine.

Lauren M. Rowe, Greenfield, to Christopher L. Mabee, Greenfield.

July 2

Zach R. Litteral, New Palestine, to Allison K. Parks, New Palestine.

Anna R. Olson, Fortville, to Spencer L. Burk, Greenfield.

Justin T. Sass, New Palestine, to Brooke L. Brown, Indianapolis.

July 6

Ashley N. Wesner, Greenfield, to James McNally, Greenfield.

July 7

Troy D. Hoffman, Greenfield, to Melinda G. Griffin, Greenfield.

Chandler M. Hines, McCordsville, to Audrey L. Mitchell, McCordsville.

July 9

James E. Robinson, Greenfield, to Christin N. Herzberg, Greenfield.

Richard J. VanDyke, Greenfield, to Heather E. Anthony, Greenfield.

July 10

Danielle E. Minchin, Greenfield, to Shane Benefiel, Anderson.

Randy L. Hartle, Greenfield, to Kimberly D. Goodwin, Greenfield.

Chad M. Sarber, Greenfield, to Stacie R. Kramer, Greenfield.

July 13

Robert S. Mathes, Greenfield, to Alicia M. DeBolt, Greenfield.

Joseph S. Coppeto, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, to Elizabeth R. Coppeto, Greenfield.

Cheryl R. Livisay, McCordsville, to Willa Weller, McCordsville.

Casey T. Willis, New Palestine, to Lindsey C. Prange, Indianapolis.

July 14

Brandon C. Anderson, New Palestine, to Brandi C. Martin, New Palestine.

July 15

Laurisa M. Groves, Indianapolis, to Justin Painter, Fortville.

Lawrence S. Ruble, New Palestine, to Diane L. Taylor, Indianapolis.

Eric M. Ford, Greenfield, to Breanna M. Terry, Charlottesville.

July 16

Megan K. Hoskins, Greenfield, to Ceegan J. Flood, Fortville.

Mara L. Wilson, Greenfield, to Daryl G. Jefferson, Greenfield.

July 17

Roland M. May, Markleville, to Kayla M. Grandison, Markleville.

Samuel D. Galbraith, Indianapolis, to Amanda L. O’Neill, Greenfield.

Frank A. Garrison Jr., Indianapolis, to Sharon L. Sears, New Palestine.

Trenton A. Rowe, Greenfield, to Megan M. Peoples, Greenfield.

July 20

Jacquelyn D. Roberts, New Palestine, to Ellison T. Pintar, Muncie.

July 22

Kyle O. Denny, Greenfield, to Sarah A. Gable, Greenfield.

Daniel Tutrow, Shirley, to Lacy Huffman, Shirley.

William T. Cain, Wilkinson, to Jerra A. Arbuckle, Wilkinson.

Thomas A. Spille, Greenfield, to Alyson K. Wood, Greenfield.

July 23

Kaitlan M. Redmon, New Palestine, to Matthew S. Hinesley, Lexington, Kentucky.

Jonathan R. Kent, Greenfield, to April D. Hughes, Greenfield.

Colton T. Brendle, Mooresville, to Danielle B. Payson, New Palestine.

July 24

John S. Napariu Jr., Greenfield, to Nyla R. Ipock, Greenfield.

Robert S. Brake, McCordsville, to Kelly L. Canary, Greenfield.

Joshua H. Love, Greenfield, to Angela R. Strathmann, Greenfield.

Robert Stefanski, Fortville, to Angela Hampton, Fortville.

July 27

Clinton R. Dahlenburg, Fountaintown, to Taylor M. McFatridge, Greenfield.

James E. Ramey, Greenfield, to Stephanie N. Vanhoy, Greenfield.

July 28

Erica McCalley, McCordsville, to Ryan Thompson, Indianapolis.

Mitchel J. Dannenbrink, McCordsville, to Jessica A. Duning, McCordsville.

July 29

Katina Gwaltney, Greenfield, to Kevin Webb, Indianapolis.

Richard A. Masters, Wilkinson, to Tammie K. Collins, Wilkinson.

July 31

Joshua N. Moore, Greenfield, to Kristen R. Dalton, Greenfield.

Nathan S. Fraley, New Palestine, to Mollie A. Uppfalt, New Palestine.

Jordan T. Conley, Greenfield, to Leisha M. Wicker, Greenfield.