Marriage Licenses – July 21

The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

May 1

Rebecca J. Ray, Fortville, to Jason W. Propps, Fortville.

Joshua R. Stryzinski, Greenfield, to Taylor A. Jump, Greenfield.

Makenna L. Anderson, Greenfield, to Brian A. Ethridge, Greenfield.

May 4

Deborah E. Adams, Greenfield, to Mark E. McKinney, Indianapolis.

Jerri Rines, Fortville, to Michael Clouse, Fortville.

Tamara L. Sturgill, Greenfield, to Jeremy W. Sturgill, Greenfield.

Lori A. Bobst, Greenfield, to Jason B. McCord, Greenfield.

May 6

Renee Jackman, Greenfield, to Shannon L. Parker, Greenfield.

Amber D. Hensley, Fortville, to Ryan D. Baumgartner, Fortville.

May 7

Michael B. Mays, Fortville, to Carissa J. Garcia, New Palestine.

Robert A. James, Wilkinson, to Ashlee T. Gainey, Greenfield.

Lon A. Harness, Greenfield, to Kelly C. Lantz, Greenfield.

May 8

Mark E. Deal, New Palestine, to Rachel E. Green, New Palestine.

Daniel S. Maynard, McCordsville, to Jessie L. Bohlander, McCordsville.

Seth D. Eagleson, New Palestine, to Emily J. Franklin, New Palestine.

Leah M. David, Fortville, to Taylor A. Debaun, Indianapolis.

May 11

Melissa E. Gold, Greenfield, to Eric J. Wolfe, Greenfield.

May 12

Emery Hunt, Greenfield, to Autumn M. Bussen, Greenfield.

Todd M. True, Fortville, to Wendy M. Shaw, Fortville.

May 14

Kyle L. Hohenberger, Greenfield, to Chelsea R. Duncan, Greenfield.

Christapher A. Haste, Greenfield, to Heather L. Wells, Indianapolis.

Amanda N. Key, New Palestine, to Charles E. Black, New Palestine.

Brittany K. Leslie, McCordsville, to Joseph R. Pankiewicz, McCordsville.

May 15

Robert A. Bernardi, Maggie Valley, NC, to Amanda M. Curry, New Palestine.

May 18

Shawn N. Brady, McCordsville, to Keri A. Brady, McCordsville.

Michael L. Swardson, Greenfield, to Danielle M. Wetzold, Indianapolis.

Scott A. Walters, Greenfield, to Lisa M. Lewman, Greenfield.

May 19

Richard K. Wooldridge, Greenfield, to Diana J. Stewart, Greenfield.

May 20

Matthew A. McCain, McCordsville, to Katie E. Dunlap, McCordsville.

Olivia R. Edwards, Greenfield, to Kortney K. Breeding, Greenfield.

May 21

Tyler L. Hall, McCordsville, to Rose M. Galley, Cumberland.

Richard S. Wayne, Valparaiso, to Amanda G. Childers, Wilkinson.

Sharon L. Johnson, Greenfield, to Kenneth G. Walters, Greenfield.

Travis A. Grubbs, Greenfield, to Janelle M. Miller, Greenfield.

May 22

Jeffery L. Fishburn, Greenfield, to Pauline M. Morris, Greenfield.

May 27

Benjamin R. Haggard, Greenfield, to Lauryn N. Stewart, Muncie.

May 28

Stephen J. O’Connor, Greenfield, to Susan D. Simonson, Greenfield.

Elisabeth J. Turner, Greenfield, to Jesse J. McClary, Greenfield.

Ashley M. Harris, Charlottesville, to Dylan R. Routier, Charlottesville.

May 29

Mark A. Hartman, Greenfield, to Darlene A. May, Greenfield.

Gary J. Ouellette, Greenfield, to Tiffany R. Foster, Greenfield.

Creed T. Gunn, Greenfield, to Lauren M. Meadows, Greenfield.